The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara is hosting the ‘Sports Moments’ photo exhibition which opened recently at the Youth Hobbies Centre in Building 18, featuring photographers Yousef Al Walidi and Mohammed Ali.

The exhibition was opened by Ahmed Al Sayyed, Vice General Manager of Katara and Abdulaziz Al Kubaisi, Photography Department Manager at the Youth Hobbies Centre. Amateur photographers and enthusiasts also came for the opening. The gallery showcases over 40 photographs of different sports events in Qatar.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Al Sayyed said that Katara will continue to provide a venue for young creative people to express their passions. He said that the photo gallery is one of Katara’s many opportunities founded for that cause.

According to Al Kubaisi, the Youth Hobbies Centre has more than 2,000 registered members. The photo gallery was opened for two expatriate photographers, an assurance that the centre supports the creativity of youth in Qatar no matter where they’re from.

Mohammed Ali, one of the featured photographers, described his participation in the exhibition as a great start for his career. It was his first time to take part in a photo exhibition.

Photographer Yousef Al Walidi said the gallery is proof that Qatar has the capacity to host international sporting events, with many successful world tournaments that happened in the past years captured in photographs.

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