The second meeting of sports security experts organised by INTERPOL’s Project Stadia was held recently in Doha.

The three-day meeting, held in collaboration with the security committee of Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy discussed a number of security issues related to cyber security in preparation for hosting World Cup 2022.

Addressing the meeting, Major Ali Muhammad Al Ali, Deputy Executive Director of Security Affairs at SCDL said that the meeting, which included many experts from six countries, aims to enhance Qatar’s security expertise in the field of information and cyber security. The meeting would help facilitate global knowledge and localise them to contribute to security preparation for World Cup 2022.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar hosted such meetings in order to benefit from the experiences of the host countries of major sports events at all levels in the security field, and to learn about the security measures and preservation of security, especially in the field of information.

Major Al Ali said that the meeting reflected Qatar’s commitment to strengthen international partnership in maintaining security for sporting events, in light of the growing security risks between borders of countries and continents.