• Studies indicate a lack of health knowledge about diabetes among populations, which has implications for health behaviours, medication adherence, and treatment outcomes
  • Only a small proportion of patients in the region have been found to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels 
  • There were 239,100 cases of diabetes in Qatar in 2015 

To enable health care providers and patients to effectively manage diabetes, global healthcare organisation Sanofi, in partnership with Roche Diabetes Care, is introducing My Star Starter Kits in Qatar. The aim is to channel knowledge, health beliefs, as well as encourage adherence to medication and lifestyle measures that can aid diabetic patients to cope well in the long run.

The Starter Kit offers easy-to-use resources, information and tools that can improve a patient’s understanding of their condition. The objective is to support patients through their journey with diabetes by providing them with useful information on day to day concerns, facilitate regular monitoring of blood sugar levels, and improve awareness of the benefits of effective diabetes management.

The kit consists of various components including a diabetes general education booklet, a sugar log book and a blood glucose machine to measure their blood sugar levels.

The starter kits will be distributed to physicians treating patients, who will, in turn, share the starter kits with suitable patients and introduce them to the items included in their kits. The physician will also be responsible for explaining how these items can be used to improve their well-being and diabetes control.

The Starter Kits’ will be available for patients in private as well as government hospitals, including facilities managed by Hamad Medical Corporation.

The increased prevalence of diabetes in Middle Eastern countries is a major health concern. Lifestyle interventions and adherence to medications are central to disease prevention and management.

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