It’s not often that I get wowed by a Friday Brunch, but my visit to the Aramede Restaurant within the Crown Plaza Doha – The Business Park was exceptional. For a very reasonable price of QAR280 per person (plus they accept 2 for 1 vouchers from promotion books), it ticked all of my boxes! I honestly enjoyed this brunch a great deal, and its reasonable pricing makes it one of my current strongest recommendations.

Let me start by commending the chilled seafood section. I love cold, sliced salmon a lot, and it is always my go-to starter whenever it’s available. I had a lovely plate of not one, but two varieties of salmon – there was Beetroot Gravalax and a Dill Gravalax duo on offer. I added a nice terrine to the plate and some cold sliced beef with Stilton cheese and figs – a perfect starter for me, especially because the salmon was sliced thicker than normal, which is exactly as I like it. I was going to follow this with sushi because it looked so tempting, but I decided to move on to something hot instead.

AramedeMy next plate was a simple dish, but one that tells me a lot about the chef cooking it. I had a nice Cottage Pie, a firm favourite of the British, and of course a firm favourite of mine. The Cottage Pie was bang on target for me – delicious, minced beef in gravy cooked with carrots, peas and onions, and topped with mashed potato. Simple, and a real taste of home.

Next, I proceeded to the wet fish station, which deserves a shout out. You get to choose from the likes of Red Snapper and Sea Bass, and they will grill it to perfection for you. I went for the Sea Bass and enjoyed every mouthful. The chef also prepared a nice seafood medley with mussels, octopus, squid, shrimp and salmon steak – a tower of seafood happiness!

As a curry lover, I had to give the lamb curry a go, and it didn’t disappoint either.

Then I headed to the BBQ meat section, and asked for a grilled sirloin steak (well, two, actually), and a lamb steak. What another delicious plate of food, that if I had any room left, I would have ordered a second serving of!

AramedeTheir extensive cheese selection was beckoning to me, and much to my disappointment I simply didn’t have room for it.

Their dessert section was very extensive, but I estimated I only had room left in my tiny tummy for a scoop or two of gelato. I had two scoops of chocolate and two scoops of vanilla (they were fairly sized scoops). The gelatos were soooo good that I went again for two scoops of mango and two scoops of strawberry!

For QAR280 per person, unlimited soft beverages are included, and you can add an extra QAR120 for enhanced beverages.

Also, while enjoying the delicious feast, a rather nice gentleman on stage was keeping guests entertained with his guitar playing and crooning vocals.

Friday Brunch at Aramede was an absolute pleasure, it was enjoyable from start to finish. Value for money, 100%!

Aramede Brunch
Fridays, 12:30 pm – 4 pm
QAR280 per person
Additional QAR120 for enhanced beverages or QAR160 with bubbly
For reservations, call +974 6641 5504 or click to book.

Author: Brian Candy

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