Students at ACS International School Doha have secured their places at universities across the globe, including at Northwestern University in Qatar and VCUarts Qatar, Swansea (UK), Nottingham (UK), San Diego, South Florida and California (US), following success in their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) results.

The cohort of 21 students studying the diploma programme at ACS Doha this year achieved a 100% pass rate. Many students will now begin their undergraduate courses studying subjects including communications, biomedical science, fine arts, mechanical engineering, computer science and business marketing.

ACS Doha is committed to preparing their students to be internationally-minded, global citizens, and the students will take this mindset with them as they progress to higher education and begin careers around the world.

This was an unusual and particularly challenging year for the students, with IB cancelling this year’s spring examinations because of COVID-19. However, this year’s DP qualifications are not based solely on teacher-predicted grades (like A levels and GCSE awards), but on externally-marked coursework that represents the students’ demonstrated academic achievement. The IB programme’s altered award process resulted in some candidates receiving lower grades than expected. ACS Doha is supporting affected students in their university applications, monitoring global trends and reviewing results at all levels to ensure that graduates can progress as smoothly as possible to the next stage in their education.

Recent ACS Doha graduate Sanjana is going to study Business with Marketing at the University of Edinburgh. She said that there are many components of the IB that helped improve her skills,  the two most important are research and time management.

Juggling six subjects with the IB’s Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge is no easy task. But with the help of my teachers, I was able to effectively manage time and make sure I hand in quality work.

She said that applying research skills and methods so early on in her life is a definite benefit of doing IB as it has prepared them for current times – research, knowing what sources to trust, reliability, validity, etc.

She added that all her teachers were of immense help and support throughout her four years with ACS Doha. Whether it be in-class answering doubts, or answering promptly to urgent (late) emails, they always looked out for students and made sure they had the best resources. There was a level of trust shared with teachers that made learning a lot more fun and engaging.

The diploma programme is an academically-challenging programme of international education that prepares students 16 to 19 years old for success at university and for life beyond.

ACS Doha Head of School Robert Cody said they are proud of their students and staff as they work together through the DP results for the students. He thank the students for all the effort and hard work over the past two years.

The year 2020 continues to throw challenges your way and you continue to be upbeat and resilient.  The Class of 2020 is an amazing group of students and I can’t wait for you to have an impact on the larger world.

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