Students from Compass International School Doha, a Nord Anglia Education school, showcased their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) skills to researchers, professors and students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the annual MIT-Nord Anglia STEAMFest.

Compass International School Doha students joined 104 students from 25 Nord Anglia Education schools globally for a programme designed by MIT and Nord Anglia Education experts. Working with professors and researchers from the university, students are taking part in innovative hands-on workshops in bioengineering, robotics, coding, music production, gaming and virtual reality.

Dr Terry Creissen, Executive Principal of Compass International School Doha said that their school’s education programmes are designed to create leaders of the future.

Bring together the skills of teamwork, creativity and academic understanding, we are helping our students to be ambitious for what we can achieve by working in collaborative partnerships.’

The five-day event, exclusive to Nord Anglia Education students, is a celebration of STEAM subjects and bring students closer to the latest innovations in these fields at MIT. Compass International School Doha students participate in activities designed by MIT experts to build their understanding of STEAM through real-world application. Some of the activities include learning about the latest discoveries in cancer research to engineering a device to deliver drugs to tumour cells. Students will also visit MIT and Harvard to get a taste of student life at these prestigious universities.

Mark Orrow-Whiting, Director of Curriculum and Student Performance, said that they are so delighted to give their students this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience STEAM subjects with the best in the world at MIT.

Without a doubt, our students will benefit from what they learn at MIT for years to come.’

The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAMFest is one of the most unique international experiences offered by Nord Anglia Education schools. Students from the group’s 44 schools around the world learn together every day online, in-school and worldwide experiences designed to nurture key transferable skills. Nord Anglia encourages students to be ambitious and set their sights higher by fostering a global perspective throughout their learning.

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