Studio 5/6 is running a free ‘Artificial Intelligence Camp’ this June to provide the necessary tools to enable children to understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through interactive workshops covering coding, robotics, gaming and art.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key rising technology breakthroughs in the 4th industrial revolution and is already part of our everyday life.

Running interactive sessions four times a week for three weeks, these sessions will build upon each other to provide children with a strong foundation knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in fun workshops. Each session is specifically designed for children, to inspire them to develop their interest and understanding of the subject area.

Studio 5/6 is part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications that was set up to provide children and young adults in Qatar with IT skills to nurture their learning and sharpen their digitally native skills as they grow in an ever-changing digital environment. Their vision is to encourage innovation, imagination, and creativity through exploring state-of-the-art technology in an environment that is both inclusive and collaborative.

Sign up to ‘Artificial Intelligence Camp’ and find out more about Studio 5/6 at You can also follow them on social media for more information. 

Artificial Intelligence Camp