A happy group of students gathered at StudyPlus Education in Al Saad this week to celebrate their academic success with staff members.

The regional manager Pradeep Singhal, paid tribute to the students’ months of perseverance. He said that there is nothing more fulfilling for a teacher than to see all her students’ hard work pay off in the end.

We, at StudyPlus understand that the academic grades in high school are crucial to students’ college applications and we must live up to our words to be a gateway to success.’

Since its establishment in 2008, StudyPlus continues to attract an increasing number of students from different curriculum due to its unique instructional methodology and practice-based teaching.

AP student Bhargavi Rathore said their academic jouney with StudyPlus has been remarkable!

The teachers were very friendly and helpful. They provided extra resources and practice problems which helped to strengthen my learning. I was able to get a 5 in both my subject areas.’

Another student, Taaha Al Shamma said that if anybody wants to step up their game, StudyPlus is the place, right here, right now! He said that he believes that the centre enables students to improve their grades and fill in their knowledge gaps.

Aside from the success party, students also attended a workshop, ‘Acing College Applications’, presented by Praveena Shinde, Admissions Consultant at ScorePlus. The workshop offers a wider focus on UCAS and Common App Essays.

With over a decade of experience in delivering tuition and revision support classes to hundreds of students, the StudyPlus team is immensely proud of its world-class tutoring and revision support services in Doha. For more information about StudyPlus in Qatar, visit thestudyplus.com.