Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s July Summer Art and Design Community Classes by noted local and international instructors were a great success with the students.

The three-week Design Intensive course for students 16 and above had them explore traditional art media, digital media and photography as part of portfolio development. They also created individual projects related to Fashion, Interiors, Graphics, and Painting & Printmaking and exhibited their work to family and friends on 18 July at VCUQatar.

Creative Discovery, a two-week course targeting students aged 13-15, introduced them to art and design through classes in drawing, painting, digital media as well as creativity exercises, and group activities. This class jointly exhibited their final work with students from the Design Intensive course.

This summer VCUQatar also offered opportunities for younger students, hosting week-long classes – Art Exploration for 10 to 12 year olds for the second year, and introducing Art Fun for students aged five to nine. Students in the Art Exploration class explored a variety of media – drawing, painting, collage, experimentation with different art materials, and exhibited their work at the Gallery at VCUQatar on 19 July. The youngest students in the Art Fun class transformed the Gallery into a wonderland of colour, shapes and incredible creations in a whole variety of media.

The next set of Community Classes and Portfolio Development Classes will start in October 2012. Details will be available on the VCUQatar website.