Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) brings a unique variety of television shows during the Holy month of Ramadan. Produced in-house with great attention to story-telling and animation, these shows cover a wide range of subjects relevant to the young Arab generation. Every show is designed to be interactive and reflective of JCC’s strategy to provide high quality educational entertainment, while ensuring it brings the audience closer to Arab values and culture.

The new line-up includes Baad Al Tarawih, Tijan Al Nour Holy Quran Recitation Contest, Hezârfen, Min Qossass Al Tabeen, Qisas Al Insan Fil Quran and the new comic series Shams W Rami. Both JCC and Baraem will exclusively air the new series – Uncle Mosleh’s Tales.

Saad Al Hudaifi, JCC’s Acting Director of Channels, commented that,

‘Akin to the iconic Sidra tree, our deep roots in the Arabic culture, heritage and appreciation of the language. JCC’s unique value proposition is to offer this compelling content to our young Arab audience in the most entertaining manner as possible while we expand their horizons with knowledge’.

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