The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) will organise the 7th Health Camp from 26 January to 6 February 2014, under the slogan ‘Our Spring Health and Fun’. 

The camp, which is intended for children aged between 6 and 11 years, aims to raise the level of health awareness among participants and increase their knowledge of healthy eating, personal hygiene, safety and security. It will also focus on the importance of physical activity and awareness of the dangers of electronic games on health.

Dr Sheikha Al Anoud bint Mohammed Al Thani, Director of Health Promotion and Disease Control at SCH, said that the camp programmes are designed to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles, prevent disease and contribute to changing unhealthy habits and behaviours in children and create a healthy generation. She stressed the SCH’s keennes in spreading awareness about healthy lifestyles through a variety of programmes and activities that target all segments of society so as to contribute to the creation of a society blessed with health and wellness.

Dr Salah Al Yafei, Head of Health Education Programmes at SCH, said that the camp, which will be attended by the children of the staff of the council, will include lectures, recreational activities, competitions and field trips in addition to a number of publications about the health camp.