Sushi On at Hilton Doha Hotel definitely lives up to its name. Their sushi offering comes in different sizes (they have a sushi burrito!) – fresh and raw, and very much filling – forget about regular meals and go sushi instead!

Sushi On hilton doha
Sushi On’s Burrito Sushi Meal with Kani Salad and a Matcha tart

Did you know that sushi was traditionally eaten with fingers, not chopsticks? Sushi shops in Japan were said to hang noren or fabric dividers visible to passersby. Customers would wipe their hands on these on the way out, so a dirty noren was an indication that the shop had many customers, and therefore, serving good sushi.

These days, a good sushi place is rated based on the freshness of seafood served, variety, and of course, authenticity. A dirty fabric is definitely not a good sign for a sushi place!

Pizza or sushi?

They have a sliced ‘pizza’ sushi – nori tempura topped with a generous portion of tuna tartare, avocado, edamame and fried Kani. It was a bit challenging to eat, and the first bite had us speechless – it was, after all, difficult to talk when you have a mouthful of tuna tartare in the way.

Sliced Pizza Sushi
Sliced Pizza Sushi
Salmon Crispy Marine Salad
Salmon Crispy Marine Salad

Next came a bowl of Salmon Crispy Marine Salad. Not your regular salad, mind you, as it had more salmon than greens. This dish alone can satisfy all your raw salmon cravings and pair well with their colourful mocktails.

Hamachi Marinated with Truffle Lime Ponzu

Sashimi, anyone? Their pretty sashimi plate – Hamachi Marinated with Truffle Lime Ponzu – came with a bowl of Kani salad. There was a bit of hesitation for the seeming ‘rawness’ of the white fish, and we took our time with the salad. But two pieces after – we know for sure that this pretty fish tasted cooked – tangy, flavorful and spiced enough to keep us anticipating for more.

Raw, cooked and crunchy

Sushi On Moriawase
The 24-piece Moriawase plate

A sushi lunch doesn’t necessarily mean ‘raw’ sushi lunch. Sushi On offers both raw and cooked selections – some crunch even – with fresh tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab meat and even scallops – served in sets of eight or 24 pieces. You can opt to order by the piece (if you want to try anything else that is not included in their Moriawase or assorted set) and mix and match some interesting varieties.

We had a 24-piece Moriawase, which is quite enough to satisfy our sushi cravings.

Sushi On black ice cream
Black Sesame Coconut Ice Cream

To finish off the meal, we had their black sesame coconut ice cream – creamy, textured and mildly sweet – the taste of toasted sesame lingering almost as an afterthought. 

If these are the old days and worries about safety precautions is non-existent, we would happily wipe our hands on a noren at Sushi On to show that we did enjoy our sushi lunch. For now, we’d be glad to bow our heads and say, oishikatta desu (it was delicious)!

Sushi On is open daily from 1 pm until 10 pm, on the first floor of the Hilton Doha Hotel. For reservations, call 4423 3222 or email [email protected].

Author:  Lalaine Sumaray Turqueza

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