Right on the heels of the 2019 UN Global Climate Summit in New York, SustainableQATAR is releasing its logo and launching its new brand as an active volunteer organisation offering concrete and realistic steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the grassroots level.

SustainableQATAR, an independent action-based think-and-do-tank founded in 2008, provides actionable knowledge to create  powerful personal stories of individuals taking actions that reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a regenerative future where environmental sustainability becomes the ‘motor’ for a healthy economy, one person at a time.

President of SustainbleQATAR Katrin Scholz-Barth said that one of their flagship projects, the 52-Weekly Challenges, offers all Qatar residents ‘mind-changing’ solutions for climate action through concrete weekly challenges that champion environmental sustainability and carbon emission reduction.

Everyone who is excited about and takes pride in contributing to a regenerative development of the country, is invited to participate in tweaking daily habits to assist in favourably positioning Qatar to host the first-ever carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup in 2022.’

The newly launched SustainableQATAR Young Ambassadors © programme involves students ages eight to 15 years old. During the one day academy, students learn from certified SustainableQATAR Young Ambassadors on how to reduce carbon emissions, make a personal pledge and thereby contribute to a sustainable future for all.

The SustainableQATAR logo symbolises ‘Qatar to the Power of Sustainability’ 

Art Director Gabriele Bickl at DesignGarden in Hamburg, Germany conceptualised and designed the logo.

SustainableQATAR logo

The mosaic celebrates Qatar’s heritage by utilising the geometric patterns of Islamic Art, because it is an art to recognise, celebrate, and realise the significant power and potential of sustainable human, social, economic, and environmental – sustainable development, as outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030.

The use of ‘repeat units’ of the geometric mosaic pattern borrows from Islamic art, which expresses nature and objects by its spiritual qualities; and not its physical and material qualities. Despite the simple basic shape of the individual four-sided polygons, a more complicated structure emerges in the mosaic as Qatar aspires to a sustainable future in a fragile desert environment.

The more complicated structure of the whole mosaic represents the more than 80 different nationalities that come together in Qatar, a country of merely 2.75 million people and 350 thousand nationals, to ultimately unite in the closed circle inscribed in the ‘Q’. The confident and happy colour combination of greens and blues celebrates Qatar’s distinctive and powerful position.

With the logo and rebranding, SustainableQATAR aspires to continue to shape and influence environmental sustainability through personal actions and help cultivate a thriving community engagement as part of smart governance, because residents are invested and proud.

The organisation is inviting all residents to join in making SustainableQATAR accessible, actionable, and quantifiable, because everyone can make a difference in the world, one person at a time!

For more information, visit SustainableQATAR.com.