What better way to beat the heat this summer than going for a cool swim! Swimming is a relaxing sport, and there is no other workout that burns calories, boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body (without putting stress on your joints) better than swimming. And while swimming does not offer the convenience of running (which you can basically do anywhere), all you need to swim are three key items – swimsuit, cap, and goggles – and you’re set.

Whether you have a pool in your compound, spending a day by the poolside at one of the many hotels and gyms around town, you must remember that public pools have rules. Here are some of the most common unspoken rules for swimmers.

Swimwear. Remember that you’re in a Muslim country where modesty is an unspoken rule. When swimming at a public pool or beach, women are advised to wear a one-piece swimsuit that’s not overly revealing; loose swim shorts for men are also recommended. Rules are usually more relaxed at hotel and compound pools, and bikinis are acceptable, but make sure to stick to wearing actual swimwear when in public pools.

Splashing. Splashing in the water can be annoying to other people who are also using the pool. Refrain from splashing when in public pools, and avoid overly exuberant behaviour.

Slip in gently. Avoid diving, jumping, or pushing off onto oncoming swimmers when entering a public pool.

Foot Tapping. Foot tapping is the universal gesture among serious swimmers. If you want to overtake, gently touch the toes of the swimmer in front – they should pause at the end of the lane to let you pass. Be aware though, not everyone is aware of this rule and may get offended at being touched.

Keep your nails trimmed. Trim your toenails regularly, especially before you head to the pool to avoid ‘slicing’ other swimmers.

Rashes and wounds. If you’ve got an open wound or a rash that could be contagious, please do not enter a public pool. This is how diseases spread and pool chemicals do not always prevent contamination.

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