Doha Metro is one of the fastest driverless trains in the world and will be the fastest in the region, designed and built to world-class standards and deeply rooted in the country’s history and community.

These regulations describe how the operators of the Doha Metro expect customers to behave while within their premises. These regulations apply to all customers from the moment they enter a station, to the moment they leave. These rules are in place for the safety of customers and staff and to ensure the continued smooth running of their services.

Qatar Rail has released a brochure (User Regulations) that enumerates important reminders for customers while on the train, but for easier reference, we highlighted some of the more important rules:

Travel Passes

Except with permission of an authorised representative, a person must not enter the Doha Metro unless that person
has a valid Travel Pass. A person must not forge, tamper or alter a Travel Pass in any way, or use or attempt to use any Travel Pass which has been forged, tampered, or altered in any way.

A person must not resell or attempt to resell any Travel Pass; purchase or attempt to purchase a partly used Travel Pass; or transfer or receive or attempt to transfer or receive a partly used Travel Pass.

Conduct on the Network

A person on the network must behave with respect and consideration of others, and obey all directions given by an Authorised Representative.

A person must not

  • Use any obscene, threatening or offensive language, or be riotous, indecent, threatening or disorderly or cause annoyance or offence to others
  • Place their feet on seats or furniture provided in the Premises or Vehicles.
  • Do anything which causes injury, discomfort or nuisance to others
  • Display, exhibit or distribute any printed or written material for the purpose of advertising or publicity
  • Sing, dance, perform or play a musical instrument or device of any kind
  • Bring any alcoholic beverage onto, or be intoxicated on the Network
  • Consume any food on a Vehicle or within the Paid Area
  • Do anything which interferes with the operation of the Networks or Vehicles
  • Improperly use the escalators, travelators or lifts
  • Obstruct the opening or closing of automatic doors of a Vehicle or Premises
  • Smoke, carry or dispose of any flammable item (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, matches, lighters, and electronic vaporisers)
  • Spit on any part of the Network
  • Place, drop or throw litter on the Network except in waste bins provided for that purpose
  • Carry guns, firearms, air pistols, pepper spray, knives or picks, work tools not safely contained in a carrier, fireworks, ammunition or fuel, corrosives, compressed or liquefied gases or similar items
  • Distract any Authorised Representative in the performance of his duties
  • Damage any part of the Network (including Travel Card, vending machine, public address or alarm system, emergency communication system or emergency stop facility on Vehicles or stations)
  • Leave or enter, or attempt to leave or enter a Vehicle while in transit
  • Use vocal or physical violence against the Authorised Representatives
  • Cross the Tram tracks other than in a safe and orderly manner
  • Raise false alarms
  • Climb or enter any part of the Network that is prohibited to the public
  • Loiter on the premises

Family Section

The Family Section are for families with children below nine years old, women travelling alone or any man or woman accompanying a child or infant.

Luggage and Bicycles on the Networks

A person must not bring any kind of bicycle, motorcycle, mobility scooter, hover board or motorised transport except for wheelchairs and folded bikes; any luggage or bulky items which could cause obstruction, inconvenience or danger to any person or damage to any property.

Everyone are also reminded to not leave luggage or other property unattended in a Vehicle or Premises, otherwise, they will be removed from the Vehicle or Premises without any liability for loss or damage to Qatar Rail or their Authorised Representative


Animals are not allowed onto a Vehicle or Premises except for guide dogs accompanying Blind Passengers and hearing dogs accompanying Deaf Passengers.

A person who has brought an animal on a Vehicle or Premises must ensure that the animal does not cause nuisance or obstruction to the Networks or a nuisance or danger to any person. They should not be left unattended and are not allowed to occupy a seat on a Vehicle.

Authorised Representatives are entitled to remove any animal from a Vehicle or Premises without liability to Qatar Rail or their Authorised Representative.

Lost Property

Any person who lost or found any item on the Network must report to an Authorised Representative as soon as practicable.

Filming and Photography 

A person must not film or take photographs on the Network for commercial purposes without prior consent of Qatar Rail. A person filming or taking photographs for personal use must be respectful of others. Authorised representatives are allowed to stop anyone from filming or taking photographs on the Network, and to ask the person to delete films or photographs from their devices.

For updates and more information about the new Doha Metro, visit You can also call their Customer Call Centre at 105 or send an email to [email protected].