The Embassy of Argentina brings in Tango Nuevo Project music ensemble to play the world-premiere of their new show ‘Emoción’, an emotional journey with timeless tango music from all around the world, on 4 November at Katara Cultural Village.

About Tango Nuevo Project

Soledad (violin), Christoph Schmitz (cello) and Joris Laenen (piano) met each other in Doha, Qatar when they joined the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. They earned their degree at the most exclusive music universities in Germany and were hungry for a new artistic adventure. A shared passion for the Tango inspired them to awaken the Argentinean soul in Qatar.

Tango Nuevo Project Ensemble

A mixture of Milongas and Waltzes, Tango Nuevo and Tradicional; captivating melodies from Buenos Aires and Paris intertwined with a bit of mystery from Damascus and Bombay, all put together in a mesmerizing performance with music that goes straight to the heart.

After two years their musical path crossed with Mia Buchignani, a singer from San Francisco with such a sensual voice.  So Tango Nuevo was born, a young and vibrant ensemble which already astonished many an audience  in the Middle East with their mixture of enchanting poetry and passionate music.

The group will work together with Diogo Esteves, a video artist from Portugal, who has created ambient background videos to match the live stage performance.

Tickets are available online via Q-Tickets.

Watch Tango Nuevo Project’s performance last year in Doha:

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For more information about Tango Nuevo Project, visit their website or Facebook page.