Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) is the new social and civic hub where it is enjoyable to live, work, shop, visit, and spend time with friends and family.

MDD is a green, sustainable development aimed at preserving the environment  and reflects the new identity of Qatar and the outward-looking culture of modern Qatari society.

While Msheireb Museums opens your eyes to local lives in the recent past, the area is also the epicentre for design, innovation and entrepreneurship, seeding art, creativity and exciting employment opportunities.

MDD is also home to galleries, showrooms, shopping, dining, and other fun and leisure activities.

MDD can be accessed easily from any part of Doha, as the Msheireb Metro Interchange Station is the central hub of all three (Red, Green and Gold) metro lines.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif has been the beating heart of Doha for many decades. ‘Souq’ means ‘market’, or ‘bazaar’ and here the maze of narrow alleyways is lined with small shops, displaying their wares piled high and spilling out onto the walkway. This meandering (yet surprisingly cool) network of passageways offers an array of local merchandise, from spices and seasonal delicacies such as fresh dates, honey and nuts, to perfumes, ornate jewellery, arrestingly attractive Arab clothing, handicrafts and a treasure trove of souvenir bargains.

Souq Waqif is notable for its wide choice of international restaurants (Moroccan, Iraqi, Lebanese, Syrian to name just a few), luxurious boutique hotels plus myriad local and international cafeterias where people love to pass the time with friends.

Souq Waqif is adjacent to MDD and can also be reached on the Gold Metro Line, via the station by Grand Hamad Street. There are plentiful parking places underground at both MDD and Souq Waqif.

Explore these areas using our handy Marhaba Map: