The many festive events and holidays in the latter part of the year – and those yet to come – have provided us all with the perfect opportunity to indulge. The valiant refusals of those pound piling treats on a working day are thrown to the winds, and an interesting aspect of the human psyche is also revealed. While we may accept with alacrity, the prevarication to get rid of the unwanted results (as the gently gathering dust on the treadmill in the corner reveals) is unrivalled. Fortunately Qatari organisations like The Youth Company have come to the rescue, so be good and look good while actually enjoying it. First in line were the special children seen below.

‘Heart Qatar’ Gathered 50 Children with Special Needs to play Sports



‘Run The World’ Festival event ‘Heart Qatar’ gathered over 50 children with special needs to play sports with athletes on the 19th of December at Qatar Sports Club. Part of the ten-day National Youth Sports Festival, it aimed to highlight the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone, regardless physical abilities and age.

The day started with welcoming the kids from Shafallah Center and Hamad Medical Corporation by the members of ‘Run The World’ festival team. The children had a chance to play football and outdoor games with volunteers, enjoy a picnic and receiving gifts from The Youth Company members.

‘Heart Qatar’ is the sixth event, which was organised under umbrella of ‘Run The World’ festival 2012.

‘Run The World’ festival 2012 is an initiative of The Youth Company, a youth-led social enterprise, organised in partnership with Qatar Museums Authority to promote sports among the youth of Qatar

‘Run the World’ Festival at Katara

‘Run The World’ festival 2012 continues this weekend with the final and biggest outdoor festival at Katara Beach. The beach will be filled with various sports tournaments, extreme sports demonstrations, health activations and cultural performances. The public is invited to play football, volleyball, basketball and foosball, compete in beach long jump and tug-o-war games, enjoy horse riding with Al Shaqab Riding Academy, take part in a marathon and join yoga and zumba classes.

The extreme sports area will provide space for skateboarding and parkour demonstrations (obstacle running) by parkour teams from Bahrain and Kuwait. Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Red Crescent, Queen Medical and Slim & Light will organise health activities. Finally, all visitors will be able to enjoy browsing the stalls of different countries and an entertaining programme on the big stage with the finals of the ‘Youth Got Talent’ singing and dancing contest.

Where: Katara Beach
When: 20 to 22 December
Time: 2 – 10 pm
Further details visit Run the World online.