The Gulf English School (GES) staff and students have rallied to provide immediate and also ongoing support to the victims of Philippine typhoon Haiyan by collecting 1,000 blankets and food for more than 300 families.

Within hours of the announcement of the devastating typhoon, GES art and textiles teacher Charne Ashington had set up a “tent and blanket drive” and in just a few days, the first emergency shipment of 1,000 blankets was sent to the Philippines through the Embassy in Doha.

The school’s Charity Action Team (CHAT) has continued supporting the ongoing relief effort by collecting essential clothing, water, powdered milk, baby supplies, toiletries and tinned food. Each year group has been responsible for collecting specific items which have fed more than 300 families in the aftermath of the typhoon.

The student team, which works year-round on numerous charity projects, is also helping with longer-term rehabilitation programmes, such as fundraising for the rebuilding of a mosque in the typhoon-ravaged area.