Les Clefs d’Or is an international network of professional hotel concierges with common interests and goals. All Concierge Clefs d’Or can be recognised by the golden crossed keys they display on the collar of their uniforms – these are a symbol of guaranteed, quality service.

The association is non-political and non-religious, but it is definitely not a trade union. Rather it is based on friendship between members with an enduring aim to assist international travellers and tourists. Members have their own unique combination of expertise and sources of inside information that allows them to accommodate all guest requests, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

A Short History

The first such concierge association evolved in 1929 when Pierre Quentin, Concierge at Hôtel Ambassador in Paris and 10 of his fellow Parisian concierges realised that they could operate more effectively as a team than individually. They felt that by joining forces they could make their services more useful and indispensable.

Accordingly on 27 November 1929 the founding General Assembly took place, which saw more than 100 members join. The two oldest associations are the French and the Swedish ones; Qatar and Macau are the newest members joining in 2014. Qatar was officially accepted in Les Clefs d’Or as the 44th Independent Country at the Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hôtels. The association now counts 44 Member Sections representing over 50 countries with nearly 4,000 members.

Concierge members are primarily dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of travel and tourism. They carry out a delicate balance between seeking out advancements in the travel and tourism industry, while also respecting the history and traditions of the hotel concierge profession.

A vital element of the association is being able to rely on an extensive and global network of acquaintances, friends, and colleagues in order to ensure that guests’ demands are met. Duties are handled with persistence, tenaciousness, and professionalism. Les Clefs d’Or Concierges have worked hard to obtain their keys, and the many years of hard work and training is shown in their ability to remain calm under all circumstances and their dedication to providing discreet and quality services to hotel guests and travellers.

Les Clefs d’Or in the Middle East

Les Clefs d’Or Qatar consists of 20 members from different nationalities and backgrounds. Their objectives are to provide a world-class concierge service, which includes recommending the most authentic experiences in Qatar, and the best places to visit. Duties also include daily tasks such as dealing with mail and messages, and organising travel plans.

Randy Santos is the President of Les Clefs d’Or Qatar. Monthly meetings are held and they have launched the yearly International Concierge Workshop hosted by HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Fahad Al Thani, who is the primary supporter of the Les Clefs d’Or Qatar. The QTA, Katara, and the GMs of Qatar’s hotels also support the society.

The actions of Randy Santos and his colleagues have helped to expand Les Clef d’Or in the Middle East. They assisted the concierge of the Sheraton Kuwait in establishing a Kuwait Hotels Concierge Group, with the eventual aim of becoming Les Clefs d’Or Kuwait.

With increasing visitors to the country there is an exponential demand upon the hospitality industry from tourists and business travellers. Les Clefs d’Or Qatar strives to meet this demand through maintaining a discreet and complete Concierge service.

For more information on Les Clef d’Or, visit lesclefsdor.org or facebook.com/lesclefsdorintl/