The Marhaba Blog Team visited the Doha Modern Printing Press (DMPP) which has been printing the Marhaba since it was a 40 page guide in 1994. Here is the journey the Marhaba takes before it reaches your coffee table!

Doha Modern Printing Press where all the Marhabas are born

Newly printed covers

Someone has to fold all the covers manually!

Part of the team attaching the ribbon to each bookmark

Recently stitched Marhabas without covers yet

The team patiently packing Marhabas into boxes to be delivered

A close relationship – members of the DMPP team with Hilary & Havovi

The delivery team at DMPP

Delivery from DMPP to the Marhaba office

The final product!

We wanted to show the behind the scenes making of the Marhaba to highlight the hard work that goes into the production of the Information Guide. Also, a special thank you to everyone at DMPP for all their cooperation through the many, many years!