As a means of boosting the competitiveness of national products, Qatar recently launched its own Quality Mark

The Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani launched the Qatar Quality Mark earlier this year. This has been done in order to enhance the competitiveness of national goods both locally as well as around the world. 

HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani attended a ceremony to launch the quality mark with HE Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Engineer Mohammed bin Saud Al Musallam, Chairman of the Qatar General Organisation for Standardisation and Metrology (QGOSM). 

HE Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Minister of Commerce and Industry, said the launch of the Qatar Quality Mark represents an important step in supporting national industries and enhancing the production and export capacity of private companies. During the ceremony, HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior granted the Qatar Quality Mark to Al Qataria for Production of Reinforcing Steel (QSTEEL), the first facility that has successfully fulfilled the criteria for obtaining the mark, from among the many organisations that have applied for it. He expressed his confidence in the ability of all national companies to produce quality products by applying Qatari standards.

Authorities in Qatar have decided to introduce the Quality Mark as part of the country’s framework to improve the quality of local products, assert the quality of local products in regional and global markets, support development plans, and offer further consumer protection.

A presentation was given on the Qatar Quality Mark showing its benefits for both consumers and producers. Also shown was the mechanism for conforming the commodity to all approved standard specifications, as well as the benefit of increasing competitive opportunities among local companies.

At the moment, the Qatar Quality Mark is an optional certification placed on a product, proving its compliance with approved national standards, and that it has been examined and tested by an internationally recognised certified laboratory.

The Qatar Quality Mark is granted by Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology (QGOSM) and can be used to advertise the licensed product across any media channel during the period of validity of the license. The mark indicates that the product has been approved under the quality control mechanisms in place and is affixed to the commodity either by way of a sticker or by engraving it directly on to the product. The mark must be affixed such that it is difficult to remove, and can be attached to the commodity’s packaging in the event that the commodity does not allow the mark to be placed directly to it.

In order to obtain the mark, the facility manufacturing the product must fulfil a number of conditions and standards stipulated in the Qatar Quality Mark regulations, which have been adopted under international requirements. The license to use the Qatar quality mark is valid for a renewable period of two years.

The Qatar Quality Mark offers a number of advantages to consumers, as it provides a visible, practical method of identifying those goods that meet pre-determined quality controls, which pose no health or safety risks, and which protects the consumer from potential fraud and deception.

A quality mark is used to confirm that a country has standards and regulations in place which must be met by companies and their products. The attainment of the quality mark will boost consumer confidence in the manufacturer, thereby increasing brand recognition and improving its reputation in the market. This is turn will increase demand for its goods, and provide competitiveness in local markets, as well as increasing the company’s opportunities to access foreign markets.

Speaking at the ceremony, HE the Minister of Commerce and Industry Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari stated that launching the Qatar Quality Mark was an important step towards promoting the concept of quality and conforming to approved specifications in the country. Getting the Qatar Quality Mark is the ultimate proof of efficiency and quality for national companies and supports the ability to continue upgrading their products in accordance with the specifications and standards in place in the country.

HE the minister lauded the efforts of QGOSM in supporting and developing national institutions and establishments, and for encouraging them to begin applying the national standards and best international practices for products.

The Chairman of QGOSM Engineer Muhammad bin Saud Muhammad Al Musallam stated that the Qatar Quality Mark will enhance the competitiveness of products in the local, regional and global markets.

It is understood that the first phase will see Qatar focus on awarding the quality mark to national manufacturers in Qatari factories. The second phase will be dedicated to other countries who wish to apply for the quality mark. A technical profile must be submitted to QGOSM and needs to include details such as product specifications, workforce, production processes, and any other quality certification that has been awarded. 

About Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology

  • The Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology was established under Emiri Decree No 44 of 2014 and is currently affiliated to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. Core functions include:
  • Issuing, approving, reviewing, amending and monitoring the implementation of standards and technical regulations with regard to goods, products and services.
  • The establishment of a national system of measurement and supervising its implementation to ensure the high quality and safety of products, commodities and materials by adopting new trends and developments.
  • Participating in relevant international and regional organisations.
  • Granting licences to use the Qatar Quality Mark and other conformity certificates.
  • Testing products, commodities and raw materials.
  • Providing calibration, control and supervision of measuring instruments and practices.
  • Controlling the quality of precious metals and jewellery by assaying and hallmarking.
  • Operating the Qatari National IEC Committee, the WTO/TBT/SPS National Enquiry Point and Notification Authority for the State of Qatar.

Author: Sarah Palmer

This feature is an editorial from the ‘Banking and Commerce’ section in Marhaba – Issue 79 (December 2020).

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