A Closer Look at the Q7

The new Q7 is more compact and sportier-looking. Shorter overhangs and more horizontal lines on both sides and the front and rear emphasise the new silhouette, making it look wider and more stable.

And indeed it is wider – on the inside. Audi have actually increased interior dimensions while reducing the exterior ones, a feat that deserves praise.

Inside this sleek, sporty car is a capacious and luxurious cabin that can be configured for up to seven persons who all enjoy the usual high standard luxury seats and trim that Audi is famous for.

The top quality engineering is there too. 333 hp is on tap and the more useful torque figure of 440 Nm means you are guaranteed sporty performance which will let you master any situation you may meet.

Audi Q7 Sand Dunes

Delightful Driving in Dubai’s Dunes

Wherever you are in Qatar, or in the Gulf in general, you are never far away from the desert and all that sand. So it’s nice to know that your chosen chariot can cope. And here you have no worries  – as they will also tell you in the Aussie outback, I am sure…

Off-road in Dubai The sand can be quite soft and deep, but it’s absolutely no problem for the Q7. And we were indeed treated to an exciting episode of being driven around with gay abandon by a driver blithely unconcerned about what we had presumed to be unsurmountable obstacles.  As we ploughed through sand drifts and threw up clouds of sand we quickly realised that the new Audi Q7 is master of its environment.

All that excitement had whetted our appetite, we were treated to a wonderful lunch at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, located in the heart of the desert but only a short drive from the city of Dubai. Meaning ‘Gateway to the Sun’ the resort is built in an Arab fort setting in and around an oasis. Inside the walls, shaded courtyards and walkways provide cool shelter and maintain the unique Arab ambience and atmosphere.

Audi Q7 Experience Barb Al Shams
Audi Q7 at Bab Al Shams

We ended our driving experience with more off-road driving and a visit to the pristine reserve, Al Qudra Lakes. While the large stretches of water are welcome in the desert, providing coolness and mental relaxation, the large stretches of sandy desert served only to emphasise how much freedom the new Q7 will give you.

Audi Q7 Experience Lake
Audi Q7 driving along the shores of Al Qudra Lakes

Whether in Dubai or Qatar, there is no corner of the country that will be off-limits to you, no place you can’t reach, no picnic you can’t organise. And however configured, the Q7 treats all surfaces with the same attitude – total carefree confidence. Desert and sand, dunes and shebka, tarmac and gravel – they are all the same…

For more information, call Audi at 800-AUDI (800 2834) or visit Q-Auto website.

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Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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