Marhaba was honoured to be invited by Audi to experience the brand new all-new Q7 at first hand, the initial welcome in Dubai matched perfectly the Gulf’s region’s traditional and well-earned reputation for generous hospitality. Added to that was the totally modern reputation for opulence epitomised to the full by our initial venue – The Palace Downtown Dubai.

Audi Q7 Interior Pack
Interior of the new Audi Q7

City Driving

After a connoisseur’s dinner and the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, next day we were out in Dubai city and basking in our ‘street cred’. Dubai’s traffic can be heavy but it moves fast and you have to be aware; wonderful, therefore, to be in a Q7, ensconced in a cocoon, an oasis of tranquillity in a busy urban whirl, relaxed in your state-of-the-art command centre that gives instant, precise and powerful response when you decide to manoeuvre, accelerate or brake. Command and Control. Cruising the urban jungle emphasised the high quality club-like atmosphere we were enjoying. This Audi Q7 lives up to the Audi synonymous with high quality, applicable not only to the ‘hard’ engineering but also the ‘soft’ human contact aspect.

Audi Q7s Palace
Audi Q7 at The Palace

Auto Engineering tested to its limits

Presently we found ourselves in District One, a (very) high-end residential development and therefore suitable for Audi to demonstrate its extreme engineering prowess. Four tests or ‘activities’ were set up: The Ramp, The Slope, The Seesaw and one other. The name of the fourth activity escapes me but it was there that the vision of one of the Q7’s wheels high in the air while the power was automatically transferred to the other three wheels still remains with me. And inside it felt like a whole lot was going on…

Audi Q7 Experience Side
The Ramp demonstration

Equally impressive was the sight and feel of the Q7 holding absolutely stationary at extreme angles on The Ramp using the Hill Hold and Hill Descent functions with no assistance from the driver, and how precise and smooth is the power delivery when it is applied. Whatever the angle, everything is under control…

Slope and Seesaw demonstration

From the outside the Slope and the Seesaw are not that remarkable, but sitting inside it certainly feels quite remarkable. 33 degrees feels a lot more than it looks (and the Q7 will actually go to 45 degrees), but once again, instant, smooth and precise application of the accelerator and brake pedals is very reassuring.

For more information, call Audi at 800-AUDI (800 2834) or visit Q-Auto website.


Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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