So today I find myself seated in one of the most reputed Friday Brunches in Doha. I’m in the New York Steakhouse within the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha. And my expectations are high. Is it going to live up to its reputation? I’m about to find out.

The Brunch format is a la carte. There’s an extensive brunch menu, and you can order anything you like from it, as many times as you like. Some dishes are for one, some to be shared. The menu was so extensive that I asked chef to make recommendations for me. And he did a great job of it.

Here we go, first out was an amazing seafood platter, named the ‘Fulton St. Seafood Tower’ with Poached Canadian Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, Giant Prawns, Scallop Ceviche, Octopus Escabeche, and Tuna Ceviche. Beautifully prepared, beautifully presented, and an absolute delight to eat. As a true seafood lover, this was a fabulous start. Of special mention is the lobster and the tuna. Here in Doha, I have had plenty of lobster that didn’t make the grade for me. This knocked the ball out of the court. Delicious!

Next up was the amazing slow roasted Wagyu Tomahawk rack. This comes to your table on a trolley, and they slice it right there in front of you. Served with Milk Buns and Cheddar Popovers both of which are mini breads. And dollops of mustards along with their very own freshly prepared horseradish. I tasted the breads and they were very nice, but I decided against eating them to save room for more delights to come. The Wagyu was cooked to perfection. Oh my goodness I am in beef heaven. Am I making you hungry yet?

Most of the dishes on the menu are named after New York districts and next up was an assortment presented on a board. First I tried the ‘Staten Island 36 Hot Dog’ Scallop, Lobster and Black Truffle Sausage in Espellete Brioche with Fennel Relish and Caviar Mayo. Well that’s a hot dog with a difference. Next was the ‘Williamsburg Standard Toast’. Avocado served on organic sourdough, with blistered tomato and Quail Egg. Very nice indeed. Next the ’East 65th Burger Junior’. A Wagyu patty served with Foie Gras and Raclette. And last on the board but one of my favourite dishes of the day so far, was the ‘Angus Sandwich’. Prime Striploin, Edam cheese and a spicy hollandaise sauce served as an open sandwich.

Then came ‘Short Ribs Croquettes’. Vine braised short ribs with breadcrumbs and a spicy sauce. He shoots, he scores! Goal! These were amazing and jump to the number one position on my Croquettes top 10. And that was followed by a plate of ‘Hudson Valley Carpaccio’. And this is going to delight your palate the same as it did mine. Yum! If I wasn’t working my way through the menu, I would have repeat ordered this as well. Tastebud tastick!

And then for my final mains salvo, ‘Beef Cheek’, ‘Grilled Skirt Steak’ and ‘Long Beach Seabass’.

The beef cheek is served on what looks like mashed potato, but turned out to be celery root cooked in truffle oil. Served with a tasty braising jus, pecorino and a fried egg on top. A really hearty dish which if I ordered again, I would ask them to hold the fried egg.

The grilled Skirt steak was a delicious piece of steak beautifully seasoned (Montreal Spiced) and served with Raclette Poutine. This I would order a lot more of. Absolutely delicious!

And finally surprise of the day was the Seabass. I have ordered Seabass in some very reputable seafood restaurants. And here I am in a Steak House eating what in all honesty is one of the best plates of Seabass I have ever had. And I had to compliment chef on an outstanding dish.

And for the finale (drum roll) dessert (symbol strike). I had an individual strawberry cheesecake served with chocolate ice cream, and a chocolate fondant pudding with vanilla ice cream. Now I’m no expert (Errr…. Wait a second… yes I am) but the ice cream being freshly made right in front of me, seems to be squirty cream and an awful lot of liquid nitrogen. Result… ice cream granules. And this represents the end of a wonderful afternoon spent in the most eloquent of surroundings.

Did the New York Steak House live up to its reputation? Oh yes it did. For a quality brunch with the finest quality dishes, look no further than the New York Steak House, located in the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha.

About The Big Apple Brunch:

When: Friday, Noon – 4 pm
Where: New York Steakhouse
Prices: QAR495 including soft beverages or QAR595 including selected beverages

To get in touch with the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha, and the New York Steakhouse, please call 4419 5510 or Whatsapp 6643 6890.

Author: Brian Candy

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