The Pearl-Qatar, one of the most glamorous and popular urban developments in the Middle East, announced the launch of its new and improved mobile application in a press conference on Sunday.

The application will enable users to access a range of digital services available within the Island, through smartphone devices running on Android or iOS operating systems.

Residents and visitors will find the free application highly convenient to apply for services, register complains or seek information and make reservations without the need to engage otherwise with the call centre or concierge desk, normally tasked with addressing residents and visitors’ issues.

Ziad Fleihan, Acting General Manager- Marketing UDC, explains the functionality and features of the new improved mobile application for The Pearl-Qatar at the conference.

This new smart product release falls under an integrated strategy by United Development Company (UDC), which aims to embody the concept of smart city throughout all facilities and services related to its flagship development, The Pearl-Qatar. The enhanced mobile application and the high calibre services it delivers, is also supported by an advanced communication infrastructure, already available on the Island, which can process large volumes of data, making it therefore quick to distribute information, receive approvals and take actions in all matters.

The application acts as a personal shopping assistant and visit planning gateway for The Pearl-Qatar, allowing users to easily locate and find stores and buildings, to ascertain opening hours, directions and contact information as well as to navigate the Island while they are there.

Stores, restaurants and cafes are listed by category, allowing visitors to make restaurant reservations through the incorporated mobile reservation tool.

Additional features include a listing of The Pearl-Qatar’s calendar of events, activities and entertainment venues, and an interactive map showing all locations including parking (retail, residential and valet parking). An option for seeking directions and live guidance from one point to another through tagging your car’s parking spot or your current location is also available.

Location services are either displayed on an easy to read 3D interactive map or through the new technique of “augmented reality”, thus allowing users to identify labels for all restaurants, outlets, facilities, and entertainment locations at The Pearl-Qatar in real-time by holding up their smartphones’ built-in cameras.

Besides the varied possibilities to end users the smart application provides, UDC has also embedded mechanisms that allow feedback by users as part of the Company’s strategy to sustain a five-star standing for The Pearl-Qatar. This is achieved through UDC’s and The Pearl-Qatar’s social platforms, which can be easily accessed from the mobile application, therefore paving the way for users to interact and share experiences and retail findings.

The application titled “The Pearl-Qatar” can be downloaded for free on App Store and Google Play.

 For more information visit The Pearl Qatar’s website or email [email protected]