Nasser bin Ali Al Kuwari and family host HRH and Qatar National Food Security Programme at the family’s farm outside of Doha.

The Prince of Whales visits Al Safwa Farm

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales concluded his visit to the State of Qatar with a tour of Al Safwa Farm just outside of Doha. Owned and operated by Nassir bin Ali Khamis Al Kuwari and family, the farm provided an ideal backdrop for a discussion of the serious national food and water security challenges facing this rapidly growing Gulf state. Al Kuwari was joined by Qatar National Food Security Programme (QNFSP) Executive Chairman Fahad bin Mohammed Al Attiya and a group of experts who provided HRH Prince Charles and the accompanying British delegation with a hands-on tour of innovative and sustainable agricultural techniques being used by the Al Kuwari family on their farm.

The tour explored dry land agriculture techniques and discussed the development of an integrated national plan for food and water security.

As a coastal dry land nation situated in the Arabian Gulf, Qatar stands particularly vulnerable to the increasing global concern of secure access to a healthy and safe food supply. The nation is more than 99% dependent on desalination for its freshwater supplies and currently has just over 67 hours of potable water storage capacity. Qatar imports 93% of its food from a relatively limited number of sources internationally and is regularly exposed to supply interruptions, volatile price spikes, market competition and reduced-quality and safety of imported foods.

Al Attiya said:

If we are to build a responsible foundation for long-term national growth and progress, we must address issues such as food and water security with coordinated and integrated national planning. Systemic challenges require systemic responses. We must work across all sectors to develop and implement sustainable solutions that coordinate national infrastructure improvements, build on international investment and diplomacy, engage local communities, and boost innovative and sustainable domestic agriculture.

Prince of Whales also tours Katara

Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Minister of Culture, GM of Katara and Darwish Ahmed

The Prince of Wales, and the Duchess of Cornwall, also visited Katara to inaugurate the Design to Win exhibition in collaboration with the Design Museum in London, UK, the Prince and Duchess visit to Katara also included a tour of the Prince’s school Traditional Arts workshops and the Arts and Disability Festival.

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts is one of the core charities of HRH the Prince of Wales. Its post-graduate education programme is rooted in practical arts and crafts-based degrees undertaken both at Masters and Doctoral levels.

Celebrating Qatar UK 2013, Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visit to Katara honors the diplomatic relations between the two countries.