In line with its continuous efforts to preserve the heritage of Qatar’s ancestors, the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara organises its second edition of a joint annual programme in support of musical arts and Qatari folk singing entitled ‘The Revival of Qatar’s Musical Heritage and Qatari Folk Singing Programme’.

Starting from 13 October, the festivities of Qatari heritage will continue at Katara’s esplanade every Thursday and Friday until 28 April 2017, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

On the event sideline, training sessions, competitions, exhibitions, documentary research, publications, lectures and seminars, supporting cultural relations, locally and internationally are organised.

Katara esplanade was also a witness of the amazing Qatari traditional performances, staged in the presence of a diverse audience who had enjoyed observing authentic Qatari heritage.

The cultural village is keen on focusing on the originality of society, illustrating the extent of Qatari pride and heritage, especially as it documents the various phases of time referring back to the life of ancestors and the tough circumstances that they lived through overseas travel and trade.

Various Workshops

The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara organised last Thursday a number of workshops in collaboration with Katara Art Studios. It includes: Engraving Henna on Wood and Canvas by the Qatari Artist Aisha Al Mohannadi. The Paper Pulp workshop attracted a wide number of children noting that it will last until 28 October. In addition, a Live art painting Expo in Katara’s Alleys will continue to amuse Katara visitors throughout the month of October, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In addition, Katara visitors will enjoy a QatArt handmade Market that will start on Friday, 28 October, from 3 pm–8 pm.


Katara Art Studio at Building 19 will also organise a number of informative workshops for different ages in November. Some of these workshops include: Paper Quilling workshop by Shuarra Iqbal Hussain on 18, 19 and 25, Arcket Art Workshop by the artist Ahmad Farouq on 13 and 16, and Art of Islamic Geometry workshop by Aziza Iqbal which will take place on 10, 17 and 24 November.


For more information, visit Katara website