When package holidays to Spain ignited an international travel boom back in the 1970s the world, it seemed, suddenly became accessible and affordable.

One Brother Rue, who had little desire to sample sangria while looking stupid in a sombrero, decided Morocco was the place to explore. “Now, that was exotic,” he recalled. “Everything seemed fragrant, apart from the breath of the camels of course.”

His adventure took him to Marrakech. Dentists were still plying their trade in the city’s main square and levying a local “tax” on tourists eager to capture the bizarre scenes with new Kodak Instamatic cameras.

Moving hastily on, these wide-eyed pleasure-seekers would invariably be immersed for hours in the nearby Marrakech Souq. It was a dauntingly chaotic and claustrophobic maze with plenty of perimeter entrances but precious few exits to prevent a panic attack.

So, with that fuzzy reminiscence out of the way, one Brother Rue was dispatched to the welcoming Souq Waqif where he would spend three nights. Marhaba said it was a reward for recent good behaviour.

He had observed the razing of the entire expanse close to “Bank Street” upon arrival in Doha more than a decade ago, but was curious to experience the hospitality for which Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels (SWBH) by Tivoli is now renowned.

One Brother Rue stayed at the properties for 3 days. Click on the below tabs to read about his experience at SWBH by Tivoli. 

The Rue Brothers review restaurants exclusively for Marhaba. They have spent a combined 40+ years in Qatar and think they know their onions, and kofta kebabs, by now

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The Rue Brothers at Al Matbakh Rooftop Grill

Marhaba Restaurant Review: The Rue Brothers at Argan in Souq Waqif