The Westin Doha Hotel and Spa recently hosted an Iftar for children from Alnoor Institute for the Blind and Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Blind (QSCCB), as part of its contribution to the initiative, Save the Dream Global Pact for Sport.

The Iftar event was held at the hotel’s Ramadan Tent. Westin’s General Manager Gianrico Esposito, said they are pleased to be part of a significant initiative and are extremely proud to support and share with their special guests the spirit of Ramadan.

We are committed to support people with disabilities and it is an opportunity to remind our society of the importance of sports as an instrument to bring peace and optimism among people with special needs.’

Massimiliano Montanari, Executive Director of Save the Dream was very thankful for the gathering. He said that they were very grateful to their Global Pact Members and The Westin Doha Hotel for the continuous support to their cause. It is inspiring, he said, to share this moment with people who have worked with them this year, and to bring sports into the life of children, including children with special needs.

Save the Dream

Save the Dream is a global non-profit movement who believes in the power of sports to build inclusive societies. They are committed to promote and protect its core values for the good of the youth and the future generation.

Check out this link for more information about the Save the Dream initiative.