Easy to reach, in the middle of Doha, The Westin Doha Hotel and Spa makes it even easier for you with a choice of four – yes, four – separate menus to cater for you and your party. Not everyone likes the same things and everyone has their own taste buds to consider. Only the prices are designed to please everyone!

westin ramadan

So, first up, consider the Arabic Menu. The Westin is in the heart of Doha and knows how to bring out the delicious flavours of traditional Arabic dishes that are appreciated during the special time of Ramadan.

westin ramadan Arabic Menu

You can see the care and dedication of the chefs with the individual dressings, and feel their creativity in presentations, especially the cute ways the mezze and sweets are offered – beautiful to behold.

Many residents of Doha feel very comfortable with Arabic dishes, but maybe some of your guests or visitors just want what is usually enjoyed in any hotel around the world. Here The Westin gives another clear choice with its International Menu. There are old favourites you can depend on, like Roast Leg of Lamb or Fish Fillet, and there are plenty of fresh steamed vegetables, plus the new key to healthy living, Quinoa Salad. There are cold and hot appetisers, salads, chicken wings and lasagne. Finish off with a wonderful choice of delicious desserts, fruits and French pastries.

westin ramadan International

The Hunters Room & Grill Menu is designed for serious gourmets who are planning to enjoy a full evening meal and are willing to spend some time to enjoy it. The brisket, for example, is cooked for a full 16 hours so it would be an travesty to devour it without delectation. And every dish has its special sauce to enhance its appeal. The salad is full and the soup is pumpkin but then, whether you choose the beautiful brisket or sea bass, you will appreciate the care and attention the professionals at The Westin have devoted to your enjoyment.

hunters westin doha ramadan box (5)

Yet people still yearn for the more exotic and elusive. When did you last enjoy a papaya salad or spring rolls with chili sauce… Here they are on the Sabai Thai Menu from The Westin. Freshen up with that spicy prawn soup and green curry and who can resist stirfried chicken with cashew nuts sauce, finishing with mango and sticky rice. Some years ago these dishes were really exotic but now, every one has become a world-wide favourite.

westin ramadan Sabai Thai Menu (3)

But here’s the difference: at Sabai Thai, the dishes still taste special, yes even exotic, and nirvana is not so far away; quite near actually – right here at The Westin.

westin ramadan sweets boxHampers and Arabic Sweet Boxes Gift your family and friends the most delectable Arabic sweet boxes or a Hamper.

Prices: Hamper QAR180 / QAR300, Sweet boxes: QAR120 price per 1kg
To place an order, call 3359 8514, [email protected]

Ramadan and Iftar To Go This Ramadan, we have the perfect solution for you to celebrate with your loved ones at the comfort of your home.

You can pick up delectable Iftar and Suhoor boxes from their signature outlets Sabai Thai & Hunters or choose from a wide variety of International and Arabic cuisines.

Also available for delivery

Drive-thru service for Iftar and Suhoor The hotel has created a personalised service for guests to be able to enjoy a warm meal at their convenience and at the comfort of their home.

Guests can place an order via WhatsApp or by calling the Westin Food and Beverage team and specify the exact time of pick up.  The Westin’s dedicated chefs have carefully designed set menus that include its signature restaurants Sabai Thai and Hunters, and its International and Arabic cuisine in order to please all palates.

Thai lovers will not miss the chance to order their favorite chicken cashew nuts or beef green curry and end it with a mouthwatering mango sticky rice. As for meat fans, Hunters Room and Grill will also provide them with the most tender 16 hours slow cooked brisket, empanadas and many more.

Suhoor Trays to go A savoury tray that includes cheese skewers, mini quiche tart, and assortment of salted crackers, finger sandwiches. A sweet tray which consists of mini Arabic sweets, kunafa, baklava, mini eclairs… a snack tray with Hummus kebab, shawarma bites, mini brisket sliders and many more, and finally a fruits tray with chocolate dip.

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To place an order, call 3359 8514, [email protected]


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