The Youth Company (TYC) has officially launched the Run The World Festival (RTW Festival), which is set to take place at Katara Cultural Village from 18 to 20 December 2014, in partnership with Qatar Stars League and Embrace Doha.

RTW Festival provides youth between the ages of 14 to 29 years an exciting opportunity to participate in a range of activities such as sports competitions, extreme sports shows by professional athletes, musical performances, and cultural showcases. Run The World Festival began in 2011 and since then has been organised annually, attracting over 120,000 youth. Founder and Chairman of TYC International, Mohamed Farid, said:

Run The World Festival was created because I saw the importance of bringing people together. In a country such as Qatar there are different people from all around the world and RTW brings everyone together and provides the platform for cultural diffusion, sports activities, singing, and a general vibe of pure happiness.’

At the press conference which took place on 15 December 2014 at the Hilton Hotel, the official Hotel Partner, Mohamed Farid, Founder and Chairman of The Youth Company International, Dana Al-Fardan, Founder of DNA Records, Amal Al Shammari, Founder of Embrace Doha, Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon, Founder of I Love Qatar, and Ian Riddoch Director of Sales at Qatar Stars League, spoke about their aspirations for the festival and the events it will include.

During the first two days of the festival from 18 to 19 December, RTW 2014 will be celebrating Qatar and Qatari culture, through various activities organised by Embrace Doha. Founder of Embrace Doha, Amal Al Shammari, said:

We are happy to be part of such an amazing initiative. Including the youth in a nation-wide festival and allowing them to rediscover Qatari culture is a great way for them to become more involved in a fast-developing country such as Qatar.’

Apart from Qatari culture section, Run The World will host a Global Village, consisting of different embassies, which will represent their countries and cultures.

Run The World Festival 2014 can’t happen without its very famous Youth Got Talent (YGT) competition, organised in partnership with Qatar’s first record label company DNA Records. Founder of DNA Records, Dana Al Fardan, said:

We love what The Youth Company is doing in Qatar and love the Youth Got Talent contest as it’s a great example of offering that platform to young performers. We are hoping this will be the start of a long relationship with The Youth Company and really looking forward to seeing some of the talent at this years contest.’

The semi-finals took place last weekend at Virgin Megastores, the official Entertainment Partner for RTW Festival 2014, and was a huge success. The final competition will take place during the festival itself and the winner will have the opportunity to receive professional mentorship from Dana Al Fardan herself, along with the opportunity to record his or her own song.

No need to say that RTW Festival 2014 will include many sports activities, such as parkour supported by Nescafe, skateboard ramps supported by Casio, beach volleyball, football, basketball, cricket, and extreme area BMX, supported by Galaxy Sports and Qatar Extreme Sports. Professional Red Bull Parkour and BMX athletes will entertain the visitors, while Coca-Cola will take care of hydration of all participants. Finally, street art space will give a chance to young graffiti artists to demonstrate their talents to wider audience.

Visitors can be prepared to be surprised with activation area set up by Chevrolet, being the official Automotive Partner, showcasing the latest models of Chevrolet sports cars and SUVs.

RTW Festival 2014 is set to be bigger and better than ever before.

For more information, visit the RTW Festival 2014.