youthcompanylogoThe Youth Company (TYC) has launched its monthly training exercise, You-Training programme, for the Qatari youth, which is a soft skills and hard skills workshop which aims to help youth cultivate certain work related behaviours and dexterity.

The two-day monthly training is scheduled endmost Friday and Saturday from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Youth Hub Qatar.

The Youth Company has stepped up in its efforts to educate and empower the youth in developing professional skills with the You-Training programme. The leadership education cycle is a monthly event taking place in the last weekend, comprised of two days experiential trainings, which covers different competencies and empowers youth for a better leadership understanding and experience ahead. The monthly workshop will get participants ready for workforce, as it is set to help trainees manage their future workplace situations which are daily encountered.

Chairman and Founder of TYC, Mohamed Farid, said:

There is a rising need to engage more youths and prepare them for the future workplace, so that they learn the basic skills required to deal with work related issues without much pressure. Our doors are open to all interested youth in the country to come in and benefit from this initiative. At TYC, we will continue to create the best platforms for youth development in the country.’

TYC is a grass-rooted organisation established in Qatar in 2009. It operates as a social enterprise, a non-profitable company, where it aims to create social value through empowering the youth in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner.

The training programme will cover Team & Time Management, Public Speaking, Creative Thinking, Project Management and Personal Effectiveness. Organisers claim that the training programme is essential for younger people within the ages of 14 to 25 years having workforce forethought. Soft skills are personal habits and optimism towards others and it complements hard skills which are occupational requirement of a job.

TYC’s You-Training programme is open to all Qatari youths seeking to acquire workforce skills including time and stress management and leadership skills for job readiness. The training is scheduled to hold monthly on the endmost weekend at the Youth Hub Qatar from 4 pm to 8 pm.

TYC will focus more on professional development related soft skills and Leadership training. Interested applicants can visit TYC’s website to register.