Qatar-based youth empowerment and development social enterprise, The Youth Company (TYC), has launched the second edition of their annual Ramadan programme, Hasanat Olympics.

The programme, in collaboration with Doha Festival City, aims to provide civic engagement activities for youth in Qatar with respect to charity, humanity and culture throughout the month of Ramadan.

Founder and Chairman of TYC, Mohamed Farid, said:

It’s amazing to see so many people so excited to give back to their community. We always take so much from our community and we’re so glad that Hilton Doha Hotel can help us give back through Hasanat Olympics.’

Hundreds of volunteers applied to Hasanat Olympics this year and to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities, from packing iftar boxes to having iftar with the elderly. The Hilton Hotel has played a vital role in this campaign by providing in-kind donations, from dates and water to clothes for charity collection drives.

The aim of Hasanat Olympics is to revive the tradition of thinking of others. Through this campaign, TYC aims to encourage people all over Qatar to think of others this Ramadan with the help of Hilton Doha Hotel.

General Manager of Hilton Doha Hotel, Adham El Sabaey, said:

To be given the opportunity to contribute to the great work The Youth Company does is inspiring and reminds us that we can each deliver something different to enrich others’ lives. It is often initiatives like these that are done through the community arm of the Blue Energy Committee at Hilton that enlightens, brightens and keeps us smiling.’

Established in 2010, TYC operates as a social enterprise, a non-profitable company, where it aims to create social value through empowering the youth in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner. TYC has created various educational, community engaging, volunteering, career-oriented, consulting and rewarding programs, which directly and indirectly facilitate the growth and development of youth in different aspects, and thus ensure a long-lasting positive social impact. TYC’s programs and services target both youth and professional organizations within the private, public and non-profit sectors, and are aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030. While most of the programs are free for youth to participate in, TYC ensures its operational sustainability by providing youthful consultancy services to various organizations, and through establishing a network of partners and sponsors.