…a Honda

Marhaba has reviewed the all-new Pilot available right now at the DOMASCO showroom on Khalifa Street.

Completely restyled with a distinctive new front grille and the flowing lines of a sport coupé, the all-new Pilot immediately makes a bold impression. With a redesigned aerodynamic roofline and chrome accents, it steers towards style and turns more than just heads. The rounded new silhouette is very appealing; there’s an elegance to the profile, the low front end and horizontally themed grille playing handsomely off each other.

Inside, the word is quality – top quality. It is a joy to drive and with the 8-inch display audio touchscreen you can touch, pinch and swipe your way through radio, music, podcasts and more. The Pilot is also known for comfort and versatility. Three rows of sumptuous seats have space for up to eight passengers. The front seats are ideally shaped, and with step-in height about an inch lower than before, the Pilot is an even better bet for smaller or older drivers. The middle row is adult-friendly and in the top-of-the-range Touring there are two handsome captain’s chairs and a pass-through. The smart Entry Keyless Access is great too, allowing you to start the engine from a distance and regulate the cabin temperature even before you get in. Cargo space is abundant with multiple cubby holes and cupholder, and a flat centre console big enough for an iPad, a handbag or that meal you grab on the way home! The third row folds down very easily and quickly for a flat cargo floor. There’s a reversible cargo panel for dirty stuff like sports and beach paraphernalia, and behind the third row you can even still get a large cooler.

Honda Pilot 2016

Performance with the Pilot’s updated V6 is strong. With 280 horsepower, it’s an energetic performer with a great engine note. With its large alloy wheels everyone enjoys a plush and relaxed ride and it feels mature and luxurious at the wheel. Intelligent Traction Management brings a new level of confidence to off-road driving. You’ll be amazed how well the Pilot handles in deep sand and rough terrain, helped by its generous ground clearance.

Safety systems are world-class and the five-star safety ratings reflect Honda consistent efforts to make its cars as safe and reassuring as possible.

You must definitely visit DOMASCO on Khalifa Street for a test drive and take time to explore all that is available from a very full and appealing range of attractive Honda cars and SUVs.

In addition, the best offers are now available on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, on every single model with such eye-catching benefits as free Q-miles to a range of Qatar Airways destinations.

For moving in style around Doha, or around the world, you can depend on Honda.

Honda Ramadan
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For more information about Honda cars, call 4424 6800 or visit their website

The full Marhaba review of the all-new Honda Pilot can be read in the upcoming Marhaba Information Guide and soon you’ll see it on our website marhaba.qa

…an Audi

The new 2.0 litre Q7 available right now at the Q-Auto showroom on Salwa Road.

With fond memories of the superb 330 hp supercharged V6 version of the Q7 which we drove a few months ago, we recently turned our attention to the new turbocharged 2.0 litre version. I was afraid I would miss the exciting performance of the V6, but in fact, not much is different except that you will save tens of thousands of riyals on the purchase price. You will still be thrilled by the revolutionary four-wheel drive Quattro and all the technological assistive systems which make the Q7 a truly fabulous driving experience and a luxurious ride for all the passengers. Sceptical me was quite surprised when I was literally – and I do know what literally means – pushed right back in my seat when I put my foot down. The new lighter Q7 is better to drive than ever before. It’s the most technologically advanced Audi ever, but still does the basics brilliantly. More sporty, being slightly narrower and shorter than the old Q7, astonishingly there’s more leg, shoulder and head room for up to seven adults and baggage.

Audi-Q7-Museum-of-Islamic-Art copy


Systems designed to improve driving pleasure are many. You can scroll through the Audi drive select modes for a more comfortable or more sporty feel, or you can also set your own individual parameters for steering, throttle and suspension in ‘Individual’ mode. There’s a 360° camera, side assist and auto parking, to name just a few of the advanced systems which will make your driving more stress-free and much safer, too.

You must definitely visit Q-Auto on Salwa Road for a test drive and take time to explore all that is available. And when your car does need a service or health check-up – and this applies to the owner of ANY Audi SUV, car or sports car in Qatar – you are entitled to free home collection and delivery.

In addition, the best offers ever seen are now available at Q-Auto Audi on Salwa Road on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, with such eye-catching benefits as nothing to pay until 2017, and there are many more. LINK TO THEIR RAMADAN OFFER.

When you are not fasting of course, at Audi you can definitely have your cake and eat it…

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For more information about Audi cars, call 800 2834 or visit their website

Soon you will be able to read the full Marhaba review of the 2.0 litre Q7 in the upcoming Marhaba Information Guide and soon on our website marhaba.qa

…a Volvo

The redefined XC90 available right now at DOMASCO showroom on Khalifa Street.

‘Everyone travels first class’. The sculpted seats offer 21st-century luxury in look, feel and style while allowing generous rear legroom. You can sit easy knowing they’ve been designed in line with leading ergonomic research. With the new XC90, Volvo has redefined the luxury SUV and, as usual, found elegant solutions to complex problems.

There are several versions of the XC90 but all embody the latest contemporary design for the needs of modern man (and woman). Choosing the Momentum will lose none of the above but will save you lots of cash!

Volvo is uniquely Swedish – not German, nor Japanese. It offers distinct advantages, most importantly regarding safety.

The enhanced City Safety collision avoidance technology can help avoid or mitigate collisions with other cars, pedestrians and cyclists in your path. City Safety also includes Braking in Intersection – another world-first from Volvo Cars. If you should turn into the path of an oncoming car at an intersection, your XC90 will brake automatically to help mitigate a collision or prevent it altogether.

Standard IntelliSafe technologies also include preventive safety features such as Blind Spot warning system BLIS, Road Sign Information, Lane Departure Warning and Electronic Stability Control.

Volvo XC90

Everything about the all-new XC90 is intuitive and smart, keeping you in touch with your entire environment and your life. In addition to safety advances, Apple CarPlay is a perfect match with Volvo’s Scandinavian Design approach, and the large centre screen is user-friendly and intuitive.

Volvo believe your car should be healthy, too. CleanZone is their approach to your car’s interior environment. Volvo offers an Interior Air Quality System that checks incoming air for pollutants and closes the vents when necessary. An active carbon filter helps keep out harmful gases and unpleasant odours – so you can breathe happy and healthy.

With Volvo it’s not only a strong body that’s keeping you safe, it’s also an intelligent mind…

Volvo_XC60 Ramadan Offer
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For more information about Volvo cars, call 4424 6860 or visit their website 

Soon you will be able to read the full Marhaba review of the Volvo XC90 Momentum in the upcoming Marhaba Information Guide and soon on our website marhaba.qa

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