On 22 November 2013, Marhaba was invited along to the Inauguration of the Pearl GTL, in Ras Laffan Industrial City.

FAQ about the Pearl GTL

What does GTL stand for?

GTL stands for Gas to Liquid, which is a refinery process to convert natural gas and gaseous hydrocarbons into fuel.

Is the project finished?

The project is in two phases, phase one is just “ramping up” and they are preparing for the second phase at the moment.

Have they started production yet?

Yes, they started producing in the summer and they will reach full production capacity in December or early 2012.

What do they produce?

GTL Gasoil – used as diesel-type fuel to help reduce local emissions
GTL Base Oils – used as a lubricant for vehicle engines
GTL Kerosene – heating, lighting and aviation fuel
GTL Normal Paraffin – used for making washing powder and soap
GTL Naptha – used to make building blocks for plastic

How many Qataris do they employ?

They have just reached the milestone of employing their 200th Qatari. The State of Qatar has recognised their success and Pearl GTL have received Qatarisation Awards from the Minister of Energy and Industry for three consecutive years.

Why is it so important to Qatar?

Qatar has wanted to exploit its hydrocarbon resources for two-decades and GTL offers another way for Qatar to monetise its giant gas resources and diversify the country’s economy.


  1.  Its the largest investment ever undertaken by Shell; it cost 18-19 billion dollars
  2.  The safety record is unprecedented; in five years there was only one fatality
  3.  At its peak GTL employed 52,000 workers
  4. Its the largest facility of its kind in the world – with a capacity of 140,000 barrels a day of GTL products and 120,000 barrels a day of associated upstream products
  5. The North Field, the world’s largest single gas field, in Qatar, contains around 900 trillion cubic feet of gas. Thats about 15% of the worldwide gas resource
  6. Pearl GTL will produce cleaner burning diesel and aviation fuel
  7. Qatar Airways made the first commercial passenger flight using a 50-50 blend of GTL and conventional jet fuel in 2009.
  8. Training was supplied to the workers in 7 different languages
  9. There are only 7,000 people working on the Pearl GTL at the moment
  10. Qatar is the GTL Capital of the World