In honour of International Museum Day, Qatar Museums is pleased to announce that all museums and exhibitions in Qatar will be open and free to the public for three days, from Thursday, 18 May until Saturday, 20 May. 

This year’s theme for International Museum Day is Museums, Sustainability and Well-Being, to celebrate the vital role that museums play in promoting the well-being and sustainable development of communities, climate action and diversity, combating social isolation, and enhancing mental health, through educational programmes, exhibitions, community outreach and research.

Qatar Museums CEO Ahmad Musa Al Namla said that International Museum Day reminds us of the critical role that museums play in promoting cultural understanding and exchange.

At Qatar Museums, we are committed to supporting and developing world-class museums and cultural institutions that not only preserve our cultural heritage but also contribute to education, research, and entertainment.

Al Namla also said that the day serves as a reminder of everyone’s responsibility to promote and preserve our shared cultural heritage for generations to come.

Qatar Museums is proud to participate in this global celebration of museums and their importance in promoting cultural understanding and exchange. Everyone is invited to explore the many exhibitions and galleries this weekend, without any cost.

Visitors are invited to visit the National Museum of Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, and the other galleries under Qatar Museums.

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