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Corinne Foxx, daughter of actor Jamie Foxx, remembers cheerleading at school and seeing her father and 14 other members of her family wearing her face on their t-shirts. This mortifyingly embarrassing moment for the teenager inspired new TV series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Jamie Foxx stars in and executive produces this sitcom about the owner of a cosmetic company and single father to Sasha (Kyla-Drew). Jamie Foxx has turned full circle, returning to the small screen after an Oscar-winning film career, having started his TV career on 1990s comedy show Living Color and now reuniting with fellow cast member David Alan Grier. Cringe along with Sasha as Foxx continually embarrasses his daughter, on Netflix from 14 April – watch out for Foxx in a few extra roles as well!


A modern reinvention of the Arthurian legend comes to Disney+ this week. In The Kid Who Would Be King, kind-hearted 12 year old Alex and his pals are on the run from the school bullies. He discovers Excalibur, leading to the gang joining a teenage Merlyn to defeat newly revived Morgana Le Fay (Rebecca Ferguson), who has a few scores to settle. The film is an enjoyable new addition to the movie canon while harking back to Disney movies of old. It’s full of contemporary live-action adventure, offering the young hope for the future, and is deliberately aimed at the YA audience. The movie was initially released in 2019, and is a new addition to the streaming platform from 16 April.


House of HollowHouse of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland follows three sisters – Grey, Vivi and Iris – who disappeared for a month when they were young. After being found they are completely different people. Slowly their lives are becoming more and more strange, with their hair turning white and their blue eyes changing to black. Iris is unable to remember anything about how or why they all went missing, but is desperately trying to have some sort of normal life. But now, 10 years later, her sister Grey goes missing again. Following her sister’s last footsteps and a trail of clues, Iris and Vivi need to uncover what happened to them as children while dealing with the supernatural as their past unravels. The book is a dark, sometimes unsettling YA mystery/horror/modern day fairytale, and one which celebrates the bond shared by sisters.


California Soil is the long awaited and highly anticipated third studio album by London Grammar, four years since the last one. Featuring the ethereal vocals of Hannah Reid, four singles have already been released, with all 12 tracks exploring topics such as misogyny, feminism and the band’s reaction to their increasing fame. California Soil proves that Reid is one of the best vocalists currently around, beautifully accompanied by the band’s signature atmospheric electronica music. Available from 16 April.

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Author: Sarah Palmer

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