The award-winning Ticket to Bollywood performance marked the beginning of Qatar – India 2019 Year of Culture held at Katara Cultural Village. Paying tribute to Bollywood – one of the world’s biggest film industries, the performance was produced and directed by award-winning director Shubhra Bhardwaj and choreographed by the talented Pravarsen Yesambare.

Ticket to Bollywood with Indian AmbassadorThe performance is part of Qatar Museums (QM) Years of Culture initiative. Launched in 2012 and having become a highly-anticipated annual experience, the programme aims to introduce Qatar’s rich cultural offerings to partner countries, all the while bringing local audiences a taste of some of the world’s most exciting and inspiring cultural acts. The opening day performance was attended by the Indian Ambassador to Doha HE P Kumaran and QM Acting CEO Ahmad Al Namla.

According to Aisha Ghanem Al Attiya, Head of Years of Culture at QM, they are proud to partner with India for this edition and are looking forward to introducing Indian audiences to the richness and diversity of Qatar. She said the programme has been successful both in Qatar and in partner countries – a testament to the power of intercultural communication brought to life through art, music and beauty.

Ticket to Bollywood

Successfully performed 700 times in 18 countries across America, China, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, the internationally acclaimed Ticket to Bollywood is a three-act performance that brings India and Bollywood to life. In a harmonious blend of genres, regions and eras, it presents audiences with a visual treat, from the intensity of ancient India to the glamour of Modern Bollywood. The first segment of the performance was presented by students from Birla Public School in Doha, chosen especially by the Indian Embassy to participate in the show.

The Qatar – India 2019 Year of Culture is set to include a wide-ranging portfolio of exhibitions, competitions and events – all designed to promote mutual understanding, recognition, and appreciation between the two nations. While the Years of Culture lasts for one year, the initiative is designed to develop stronger ties between both nations well beyond the year, fostering the exchange of ideas, sparking debate with other parts of the world, and creating lasting, collaborative relationships between countries, partners, and sponsors in the spirit of openness and innovation.

This edition of the Year of Culture programme will be brought to life through collaboration with several partnerships in Qatar and India. The initiative is sponsored by Qatar Airways and was planned in collaboration with leading institutions in both countries including Qatar’s Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Embassy of Qatar in New Delhi, the Embassy of India in Doha, Qatar Foundation, the National Tourism Council, Doha Film Institute, and many more.

For updates on events under the Qatar – India 2019 Year of Culture programme, visit the QM website