WARNING! The word delicious is used on more than one occasion in this article.

The W Doha Hotel & Residences has just launched their new Friday ‘Tuk Tuk Brunch’ in their Spice Market restaurant.

They have taken delicacies from seven countries; Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand and presented them beautifully on Tuk Tuk themed live stations. This is a food bloggers paradise, no need to fly anywhere, it’s all in one place. Being British, I unimaginatively started with a roast beef dish from Hong Kong. Roasted Striploin with Hong Kong Sauce – one of the best slices of beef I’ve ever had. Pink exactly how I like it with roast vegetables. I was just tucking into that when a nice gentleman appeared and asked me if I’d like some sushi. I said that would be very nice and he disappeared and promptly reappeared with enough sushi for me to open my own restaurant. I’m not an expert on sushi and so I was super glad he brought me a selection that I didn’t have to think about. And it was all delicious. I’m not an expert on sushi, but I know good food when I have it, and this (and no I’m not kidding) was the best sushi I have ever had. Bursting with flavours that I had never come across in sushi before. And the amazing thing about it, is that this is part of a Friday brunch. I was beginning to understand why my friends always spoke so highly of the Spice Market in the W Doha.

Next I visited Thailand, and foolishly asked the chap on the Tuk Tuk to cook me something. I actually said cook me anything you like, surprise me. He asked me to return to my table and said he would bring me something shortly. And true to his word, he did bring me something, and then something else, and then something else. Service was awesome, nothing was too much trouble. Staff go out of their way to please you. The dishes from Thailand were absolutely gorgeous. I erroneously forgot to ask what they all were, however I know one of them was Pad Thai. I started making my way through them enjoying every mouthful, when I realised, I still had five more countries to visit.

Then I took a Tuk Tuk to Sri Lanka. Where I learned never to tell a Sri Lankan Chef you like it spicy. He prepared me a Koththu Parata. Boom! I say again, never tell a Sri Lankan Chef you like it spicy. Luckily I do like it spicy, and this is why Sri Lankan continues to be one of my favourite cuisines. But this may challenge some of you.

Before taking another Tuk Tuk, I simply must tell you about the mocktail’s in the Spice Market. They are so good I can’t stop drinking them. Especial the Pina Colada. I think I’ve already drunk about five of them.

Hong Kong, Thailand and Sri Lanka done. Next up China, and Glass Noodle Japchal. A spicy noodle salad dish. By this point I’m starting to ask for small portions because Thailand took so much of my stomach real estate early on.

Another short Tuk Tuk ride, and I’m in Vietnam. I decided to go for Beef Broth with Rice Noodles. A light delicious beef broth with vegetables and noodles. This is a delightful dish that is so much more than its name infers, bright with tangy flavours. This would have been my appetiser if I had known about it.

Taxi! I mean Tuk Tuk! Malaysia please driver. And on arrival I order a Nasi Lemak and a Pomelo Salad. Nasi Lemak is a rice dish with beans and fried boiled egg. The boiled egg, fried, was something a little different for me. Quite nice actually. And Nasi Lemak a salad with a slight bitterness in its flavour.

And last but not least Indonesia for some Mixed Seafood Skewers and Beef Satay. Phew!! I’ve made it. Seven countries, seven Tuk Tuk Live Stations and a massive portion of sushi. I’m done!

Oh no… wait a minute, there is an eighth station… Desserts. I can’t leave without a dessert. And they had just the thing for me. Teppanyaki rolled ice cream, prepared right in front of me. They literally pour coffee and cream onto a cold plate, spread it thin until it freezes and then scrape it into rolls. A perfect dessert to finish my culinary journey around Asia.

At just QAR350 for soft drinks, QAR450 for special sips and QAR550 for sparkling you get an afternoon packed with more variety than you could possibly handle.

Tuk Tuk Brunch is available every Friday,  noon – 4 pm.

For reservations or more information, call 4453 5135 or WhatsApp 7794 3975.

Author: Brian Candy

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