The winter season is finally here and with it comes the better weather – at last! If you’re looking for something to enjoy outdoors, try the Torba Farmer’s Market, Qatar’s popular weekend market, now back at the Ceremonial Court in Education City. 

The market’s eco-friendly initiative promotes recycling, reusing and reducing waste. The all-day Saturday market (8 am – 8 pm) gives you the chance to buy organic farm produce, homemade products, locally prepared healthy food and beverages, and sustainable products.

The opening of the third season of Torba market sees many new vendors as well as volunteers who are always on hand to help. Torba Junior is also part of this new season, which gives kids a chance to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and encourage mini vendors to promote an organic lifestyle.

Besides educating visitors on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, this season Torba also has an innovative ‘wash against waste’ caravan to enable a ‘zero waste’ goal after leaving the market.

Stalls at Torba Farmer’s Market are filled with all manner of items, such as farm vegetables and fruits, plant saplings, organic moisturisers and hair creams, sugar-free sweets, clothes, pizzas and bread and other hot foods, homemade organic soaps, and a mug library. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee will certainly entice you! And a good thing for parents going with children is that there is a kids play area.

Winter blue skies and a cool breeze are the perfect conditions for visiting the fun-filled Torba Farmer’s Market. Bring your family and friends along to explore the Saturday market, at the Ceremonial Court 8 am – 8 pm, until April 2020.

Tip: To quench your thirst, there are mud water pots for the public to use.