The General Directorate of Traffic observed that the tendency of some motorists to park their vehicles behind other cars, blocking smooth movement of other vehicles in streets and in front of offices, warehouses and even in front of private entrances, has increased considerably.

Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Radhi Al Hajiri, Director of Media & Awareness Department of General Directorate of Traffic said that the Traffic Department had decided to take strict action against the drivers who stop their cars behind the cars of others, causing serious traffic jam.

He pointed out that many complaints have risen to the department that they were not able to take out of their cars from parking places and even from their private spaces in front of their homes, saying that this behaviour was uncivilised.

He added that the traffic law No. 19 of 2007 as amended by Law No. 5 of 2010 in accordance with Article 78 stipulates that parking or waiting of motor vehicles shall not be permitted in the following places or circumstances: Places designated for pedestrian crossing and on the pavements, bridges, tunnels and elevated carriageways, unless there are places dedicated to parking or waiting, near the brow of a hill or a bend, a distance of less than fifteen metres from junctions, field gateways, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, stations and bus stops, Adjacent to no-crossing lines, Places where parked or waiting vehicles may block traffic signals or road signs or block the view of other road users, In front of entrances and exits of homes, garages, petrol stations, hospitals, ambulance and fire stations, police and military areas and educational establishments, unless with permission, Places where parking impedes the movement of other parked vehicles, Adjacent to another vehicle close to the carriageway, Places not authorised for parking and waiting, Places for people with special needs and others In chargeable car parks, without payment of parking fees, Overstaying the parking period indicated on the parking metre.

He added that parking in any places making traffic jam or blocking roads is considered as an offence to the Traffic Law No. 81 where the law specifies that no person responsible for keeping a vehicle may keep such vehicle parked on any road in a way that is likely to cause obstruction of traffic or expose road users to risk, and if such person does not within a reasonable period of time remove the vehicle, the Licensing Authority may remove such a vehicle, the vehicle owner undertaking to pay the costs of removal.

In order to stop this evil practice completely, the General Directorate of Traffic – utilising the power granted to them according to the Law- has diced to intensify actions against these practices. Along with charging fines on the offence the violated vehicles will be seized by the Traffic Department that the owner or the driver of the car should need to attend to complete the legal procedures and should pay the costs of removal as well.

He urged all motorists to to abide by the rules and warned motorists against parking their vehicles at unauthorised places and cause hindrance for fellow road users.He added that the procedures are gearing up to take on such offenders very soon.