The services of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) provided to the public through electronic systems, especially the Metrash2 App, increased significantly this year.

Metrash2 Electronic ServicesMetrash2 offers a number of MOI services provided by various departments, in addition to completing transactions in the shortest possible time without the need to visit any MOI service centre.

The number of Metrash2 users exceeded two million since its launch, while the transactions completed since the beginning of this year have reached 5.5 million, and the total number of inquiries about the services provided in the application exceeded nine million.

According to Brigadier Abdul Rahman Ali Al Farahid Al Maliki, Assistant Director General of the General Directorate of Information Systems, the number of services provided through Metrash2 reached more than 215 services.

Statistics showed that the services most frequently used for the current year include:

  • National address registration
  • Residency renewal
  • Traffic fines payment
  • Vehicle license renewal
  • Visa extension

The most prominent new services in the application include:

  • Reporting of criminal complaints
  • Replacement of vehicle plates
  • Vehicle cancellation
  • Employee travel notification list

These transactions can be completed without the need to visit the service centres.

MOI METRASH 1More services will soon be available and will also be included in the app such as: registration of sailing, checks complaints, issuance of residence with a birth certificate, renewal of temporary driving licenses, renewal of driving permit under training, vehicle mortgage, criminal complaints in police stations, and exceptional request to extend visa.

Metrash2 service is designed to work on all types of smart phones and devices to serve citizens, residents, companies and institutions around the clock, without interruption from anywhere and at any time. Users can pay the service fees directly without the need to visit any MOI departments. These features have accelerated the availability of services.

In response to requests from subscribers and beneficiaries of Metrash2, the payment of service fees was activated using debit cards in addition to credit cards and direct debit from bank account (for companies) available in previous versions.

Metrash2 allows authorised persons from governmental and semi-government institutions and companies to review all electronic transactions that were made through Metrash2 and review the processes that were implemented within 30 days prior to the date of inquiry and the procedures that were performed in person, in addition to all the procedures that were made through the company’s PRO.

Metrash2 also includes registration service for SMS alerts (Metrash) that enable individuals, institutions and companies to receive notifications related to official documents. The registration in the SMS service for individuals, institutions and companies is permanently available on the MOI website.

Everyone is encouraged to activate their Metrash2 application to save time and effort in completing their services and transactions, especially in light of the precautionary measures announced by the state to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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