Liang at the Mandarin Oriental, Doha is known for serving authentic, sumptuous Chinese cuisine, and apparently that includes a fine dessert menu that one would not want to miss out on.

We recently tried the Terrace Menu at Liang and the experience gave us a whole new point of view, not only of the Chinese cuisine, but of the culture as well.

The ambience at Liang, especially when you’re seated at their spacious, cosy terrace, is already an experience. With the weather getting better these days, it’s the perfect spot for a hot afternoon tea or coffee with some sweets on the side. There is Chinese music playing throughout, while the friendly staff are dressed in traditional Chinese attire.

The menu includes Classic Siphon Coffee, which is prepared using a special device, and made right at your table. The device relies on pressure, gravity and vacuum, which is why it is called the vacuum or the gravity coffee maker. The process is amazing to witness! The coffee turned out to have a rich, aromatic taste that makes you question if it’s actually coffee or something else. It feels like you are having both coffee and tea at the same time.

For desserts, we first tried the Red Bean Pancake. But it’s not your typical breakfast pancake! The velvety red bean paste is wrapped in a crispy, golden crêpe, served with mixed berries, crunchy peanut coconut crumble and Madagascan vanilla ice cream.

Then we tried the Deep-fried Milk Cake. Deep-fried milk?! And cake?! Well, surprisingly it tastes so much better than it sounds. It’s soft and crunchy on the outside, and creamy on the inside. It’s like a journey of texture and flavours, and it tastes so good you will ask for more.

If you are a cheesecake fan, you should try the Green Tea Cheesecake, served on a crumbly almond base topped with green tea mousse and yuzu cream. It’s a cheesecake that is not overwhelming; one that complements any drink you pair it with. One bite of it plus a sip of the Siphon coffee is *chef’s kiss*.

Mandarin Oriental, Doha has always proven itself with its unique and innovative culinary offerings – and again this time with the Terrace Menu at Liang. Make the most out of the lovely weather in the coming months and make sure you drop by Liang, sit at the terrace, and try their coffee and one (or all) of their desserts!

Terrace Menu at Liang is available daily from noon to 11 pm. For enquiries or reservations, call 4008 8888.

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Author: Sham Faleh

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