Turkish Airlines made another addition to the privileged services it offers guests with the introduction of the Turkish Airlines Gift Card products, now available through their online channels.

Turkish Airlines Gift Card
Ahmet Olmuştur

With the new Gift Card service, Turkish Airlines guests will be able to give their loved ones ‘flight gift cards’ prepared for ten different concepts such as New Year, Birthday, Mother’s Day and more. This new service aims to enrich travel experiences, contribute to the brand’s innovative and digital airline approach, and add value to its image.

According to Turkish Airlines Chief Marketing Officer Ahmet Olmuştur, they are working to offer distinguished services for guests in every stage of their travels and develop new service models. He said that with this new Gift Card service, guests will be able to give their loved ones flights to anywhere in the world using the Turkish Airlines privilege.

We hope that this new project will be met with satisfaction by our passengers from the 129 countries that our extensive flight network serves.

Following the Individual Gift Card, Turkish Airlines will also offer Corporate Gift Cards for companies for employees, customers and business partners where a prepaid card can be used for purchasing flights from Turkish Airlines as an incentive or reward. Additionally, a Compensation Gift Card will also be offered to guests to compensate them for mishaps during their travels.

To learn more about the Turkish Airlines Gift Card, visit turkishairlines.com

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