On the heels of a successful year of increased demand and recovery for the airline industry, Turkish Airlines is launching a new global advertising campaign centred around the concept of Pangea – which millions of years ago was a single and connected supercontinent. 

The campaign stars Morgan Freeman narrating a captivating, inspiring message about reunification and reconnection of people and their worlds. The commercial was launched online on 10 February and was aired during the second quarter of Super Bowl LVI this week, 13 February.

We Are All Connected

The campaign’s concept pays homage to Turkish Airlines’ extensive connectivity as the global carrier that flies to more countries than any other airline, offering a ‘We Are All Connected’ message as the world prepares for a bright and promising future.

While Pangea no longer exists today, Turkish Airlines is proud to reconnect people with their loved ones and foster this sense of reconnection, as they bring more people and countries together. Through this new campaign, the leading carrier is powerfully communicating its objective to ‘make far feel close‘ and ‘bring there to here’.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Professor Dr Ahmet Bolat said that after months of creative ideation and production, they are glad to share the Pangea campaign featuring Morgan Freeman with the world, during the most-watched sporting event on the global calendar.

Travellers are increasingly hopeful and enthusiastic to safely explore new destinations or reunite with loved ones, and as a leading global airline, we hope to spark inspiration and instil confidence as we strive to reconnect the world.

To bring the story to life, Turkish Airlines commissioned renowned actor and narrator Morgan Freeman, who was also featured in the airline’s 2017 campaign. With this project again, Freeman lends his talent to the production, captivating audiences with his strong narrative presence and iconic voice.

The campaign, which began production in September 2021, was shot on location in Istanbul and New York. In addition to live-action footage, the commercial also features computer-generated animation scenes that depict continents and landmasses reconnecting to illustrate Pangea in an arresting and visual way.

Global campaigns

This is the brand’s sixth ad that will be featured at the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched sports events around the world, alongside a lineup of some of the world’s other most recognisable brands. Pangea will air in 136 countries and follows a number of high-profile commercials that Turkish Airlines has previously aired at the Super Bowl.

In 2016, Turkish Airlines debuted the ‘Fly to Gotham and Metropolis City’ ad which was a part of the carrier’s ‘Batman v Superman’ campaign. In 2017, with ‘Widen Your World’, Morgan Freeman invited viewers to explore the wide route network of Turkish Airlines; and in 2018, the ‘Five Senses’ campaign starring Dr Oz, who experienced the wonders of the world through five senses.

Ridley Scott directed the 2019 Super Bowl commercial ‘The Journey’, a cinematic and thrilling chase through the stunning sights of Istanbul and the new Istanbul Airport. Lastly, ‘Step on Earth’ aired in 2020.

As a leading global carrier, Turkish Airlines connects countries and cultures from 334 destinations across 128 countries spanning five continents. In addition, with a centrally located hub between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, Turkish Airlines provides excellent connectivity through the new Istanbul Airport.

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