Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers on long-haul – and some selected short-haul – flights can enjoy gourmet dishes prepared and served by more than 300 Flying Chefs.

Flying Chefs work alongside the cabin crew – cooking and overseeing food preparation – using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients in their dishes. Providing passengers with luxurious dining experience above the clouds, the Flying Chefs of Turkish Airlines demonstrate the best of Turkish hospitality and make flying with Turkish Airlines a truly special experience.

The high-quality dishes on offer already earned the airline many awards, including the ‘World’s Best In-flight Catering Service’ several times.

High Qualifications

Flying Chefs are selected based on a diverse set of skills such as culinary background, problem-solving skills and even professional terminology, during one-on-one dialogue with passengers.

The Turkish Airlines Flying Chefs can boast of having the skills to offer one of the best passenger experiences in the industry, with at least three years chef experience in premium hotels and/or restaurants. Additionally, their strong commitment to offering the best service to guests with their advanced communication skills, is also an advantage.


After the recruitment process, each new Flying Chef receives eight weeks of training at TURKISH DO & CO in their gourmet kitchen using mock cabins and kitchens, before they are allowed to serve on-board. They also shadow experienced Flying Chefs during some training flights.

Their training includes familiarity with service standards, aircraft kitchen, heating rules, plating, special meals and basic service rules. The chefs are responsible for maintaining the best quality of in-flight catering items, as well as serving them to passengers

Continuous feedback and improvement

In addition to their responsibilities on board, Flying Chefs also frequently serve on the ground by working in the production kitchen, lounges and events. To have them serve on the ground is very important as it allows them to form and develop ideas with the rest of the catering teams. Besides that, directly receiving and evaluating  passenger feedback both on board and on the ground makes it possible to respond to passenger comments much quicker, ensuring continued improvement of the Turkish Airlines catering service.

There are 307 Flying Chefs currently on extended range flights in 35 destinations around the world.

For more information about the Flying Chefs of Turkish Airlines, visit turkishairlines.com.

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