With the completion of the ‘Great Move’ to the airline’s brand new home base at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines will open five passenger lounges available for Business Class, Miles & Smiles, Elite Plus & Elite, Star Alliance Gold, and Corporate Club passengers. 

There are currently three lounges open – the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Miles & Smiles Lounge and Domestic Lounge. The Exclusive Lounge and Arrival Lounge will open this Summer 2019.

The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge has an approximate area of over 60,000 square feet, seats 765 guests and features 13 private suites with showers. Turkish Airlines also designed a 130 square feet museum within the lounge, collaborating with the arts and cultural institution, Istanbul Modern.

Turkish Airlines LoungeThe Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge is also over 60,000 square feet seating 765 guests, and offers 11 private suites with showers and space where guests can rest on comfortable couches, savour delicious and exclusive treats from Turkey, along with a selection of international cuisine and a mobile masseur services. A console gaming experience, golf simulators and large children’s play area also provide entertainment for kids and parents alike. A technology centre with 3D glasses and virtual reality is also in the plan. The two lounges provide meeting rooms, a library and a prayer room.

The Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge is accessible through a special entrance gate located outside the terminal, so passengers can complete check-in procedures and transfer directly to the aircraft via buses. Lounge amenities include comfortable couches, Turkish cuisine, a large children’s play area, a media wall with multiple TV screens and a prayer room.

The overall design concept of the Business Class and Miles & Smiles Lounges reflect an Aegean theme, including designs depicting breezes from the Aegean region. The Ribbon wall, which is the most special figure in Turkish Airlines lounges and inspired by a flow motif, consists of solid wood panels that move through all lounges. Panels circulating in the halls have amorphous movements expressing the flow.

Turkish Airlines passengers can access the lounges by presenting their business class tickets or membership cards.

For more information on Turkish Airlines and the services offered at their exclusive lounges, visit turkishairlines.com