The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested two men for shopping with 63 fake credit cards, purchasing gold, watches and iPhones.

fake credit cards

Acting on a tip from a local bank over several purchases using credit cards, which seemed to be fake, the financial crimes section at the department found that two men from Asia, who stayed at a hotel in Qatar, made several valuable purchases while shopping at commercial outlets.

The two suspects were arrested and 63 fake credit cards, carrying their names, were found along with the items they purchased using the fake credit cards such as gold, luxury watches and iPhones.

During the interrogation, the suspects confessed that they received the fake credit cards from an individual back home who asked them to leave Qatar with the purchases, on the agreement that 10% of their value was to be given to them.

The accused have been referred to the Public Prosecution to complete the legal procedures. The prosecution has ordered their custody for further investigation. Furthermore, the CID has stated that they will take action against the third accomplice, who’s currently in Asia.

This is the second reported forgery this year. In February, the CID arrested two Arabs who used 15 fake credit cards and purchased watches, computers, mobile phones and gifts worth QR75,000 from a number of shops in Qatar.

The CID appeals to the public and bank and retail establishments to cooperate with the department in case of suspicion over any suspicious transactions using forged or stolen credit cards. To report or make a complaint about any suspicious transactions using forged or stolen credit cards, please go to the nearest Police Department in your neighbourhood.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Interior’s website!