Doha College recently announced achieving the best examination results in the history of the school’s 35+ years of existence. But news from Pearson and Cambridge International examination authorities topped that announcement with triumphs that are even more extraordinary: three ‘Best in Qatar’, three ‘Best in the Middle East’ and two ‘Best in the World’ awards.

Justine O’Brien from Pearson travelled to Qatar to personally congratulate these exceptional young people.

You have made this possible through persistence, hard work and an ambition to constantly improve. I commend you for it. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. You will be entering a very competitive world of constant change, but all the skills and knowledge you have acquired will help prepare you for any hurdles that may lie in the future.’

Eyas Elamin, holder of the ‘Best in the World 2017 in IGCSE Mathematics’, took the examination a year earlier than his peers, while still in Year 10.

When I don’t study, I like to do lots of other things, particularly basketball. I knew I got 100% in the exam, but not necessarily that I was the best in the world. It feels amazing, it needs to sink in for a while!’

Shamilah Halford was awarded ‘Best in the World 2017 in GCSE Physical Education’. When asked what she liked to do for fun, she said she run six times a week.

I’m not sure whether that counts as fun, but it’s good training.’

Shamilah hopes to make a career in Civil Engineering.

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College, said that he is so proud of the students, whose hard work and smart approach to studying took them to the elite level of the world’s minds. He said that the results also testify to the outstanding quality of teachers, who motivate and inspire them every single day.

All-rounder Jay Stearns was awarded two ‘Highest Mark in the Middle East’ – one for Music and one for Photography. He is an accomplished pianist and recently participated in the ‘Qatar National Music Competition’. Jay is also a remarkable athlete, having recently swam in the FINA Swimming World Cup for a second time.

Aaleen Ahmed achieved top grades in all her subjects and received the prestigious ‘Year 11 Achievement Award’. Aaleen is now back in her home country Australia, and her award was accepted by her proud father.

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